January 14th, 2003


Alright . . .

. . . here we go.
~pushes up sleeves to battle her way into classes~
Welcome back to SDSU.

Oh yeah, I couldn't sleep last night.
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So I wasn't late, I was just really really early . . .

You know when you oversleep, missing the alarm clock. You lazily roll over, see the clock and bolt out of bed because school/work begins in five minutes. You run and race and arrive and realize that it's Saturday.

Classes at SDSU begin next week. School begins for the faculty this week.

Yes, now is when you point and laugh and make blonde comments and any other jokes you care to make.

This is better than the time that I fell down the stairs my senior year of high school. In front of a bunch of freshmen. Or the time that I went into the wrong classroom the first day of the spring semester my senior year of high school. Yes, my senior year was made complete by my two freshman nightmares.

Sooooo . . . ahhhhh . . . yeah . . . I'm going to stop by Target, see if they have two cheap notebooks and then head home and formulate my plan of attack for crashing classes. Well, formulate my already formulated plan a little bit better and double-check it.

Having an extra week is good.

Campus is lovely. And pretty empty.

Yeaahhhh . . . I'm just gonna go now . . .
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