January 18th, 2003


Not really sleepy yet . . .

So I will be wrapped in blankets in bed with a glass of wine from a box watching Dangerous Beauty while I wait for my sweet raver boy to come home. ~grins~

Ok, I'll probably fall asleep first.

Hanging out was lovely tonight.

Just some thoughts I'm throwing around.

This actually pops into my mind pretty regularly from time to time. This time it is spurred by a few conversations that I've had lately. With various people. Some read this journal. Some don't.

You know, why do I feel the need to qualify whatever I'm talking about? I worry about someone taking what I say the wrong way or thinking I'm mad at them. I worry about writing certain things because I know it will be interpreted by someone as a direct stab at them or someone else.You know, I should just say the hell with it and write what I want. After all, if someone thinks that I am upset with them I would assume they would talk to me about it.

There are many things that are on my mind, they are not related to a specific event but the thought is initiated by an event. That event may make a good example but I am not pointing a finger specifically at the event.

Ok, if I keep going on this off-topic ramble it's going to make less sense than it does now.

Of course, I am writing this during the weekend, that pretty much ensures that not too many people I know will read it.

Ok, on with the show. Now I'm not sure how to begin. Hrmmm . . . here goes . . . I have some friends who are extroverts, who love to be around people, who love to meet new people, the more people the better. And that is wonderful, that is good. I have many friends who are more introverted they like to spend time alone or they love to be around people but only a certain group of people, people they know and care about. This is also good and wonderful.

People have their preferences, the things they are most comfortable with and neither one is any better or worse than another. Both types of personalities have their positives and their negatives. Many people sometimes vary between the two. However, both types of personalities need to occasionally step outside their comfort-zone in order to grow as people, to learn, to avoid stagnation. The party animal needs to occasionally skip the party and have lunch with a friend or go to a park by themselves, the person who likes to be alone or with only a few select friends needs to occasionally go to a big party and initiate contact with some new people.

Occasionally you do need to force yourself to do something that you may not really want to do at the moment. This applies to other things too.

I cherish my time alone, I would go insane without it. Sometimes I need to be away from people so that I don't lose myself.

I also very much appreciate the times that I have agreed to go places where there are a majority of people that I don't know. Hell, if I refused to go to a gathering where I didn't really know anyone . . . well, I would not be with my boyfriend today or have the friends that I have now or . . . I could make a huge list. And that goes the other way. I'm glad that my friends were willing to invite a virtual stranger to hang out with them, to get to know her.

~answers phone, comes back~

Anyway, this sort of goes into many many sub-topics from here and I need to shower so I better just cut it off here. I'm sure the related subjects will come up again sometime.

I suppose the moral of my story is that everyone should spend a few hours a month alone. Everyone should talk to someone they don't know when they go to a party and they should try to go to a party where there is someone they don't know once every two months or so. Or talk to someone more that you don't know very well.

I also want to know what everyone else has to say on this. Please. Comment.