January 23rd, 2003


turkey slapper, ham slapper, WE LIKE MEAT!!!!!!!!

I must find out more about this comedy team of Slovin & Allen. They are rather bizarre and amusing.

"Ah! Mas Twinkies! Bueno!"

On a completely unrelated subject, I want to learn another language at some point. I'm thinking Spanish, French, or Italian. What do you suggest? One of the above? Something else entirely? What languages do you speak? What language(s) do you want to learn?

I think I will need to watch movies or do brain numbing surveys to go to sleep. At least I don't have to wake up too early tomorrow.

Yeek! Something else . . .

Happy birthday to my sister's boyfriend who will never read this. Heh . . . exactly two years ago I went out with him a few times. He was one of the three guys I went out with when Brian and I got back together for the last time. Yes, in January two years ago I was dating four guys. Only sleeping with one of them. Ahhhh the memories . . .

I can't remember who the third guy was . . . Jeff, Rudy, ummmmm . . . oh yeah, that Brandon guy. No wonder I forgot. He was a bit of a strange one. Ok, more like an annoying one.

Boys, here is a hint for you all. Well, I suppose it could be for anyone: When you have gone out with a girl, it's the first date, it's gone pretty well, you're back at your place, chilling, talking. When the girl is talking about something that is pretty sensitive or serious that is not the time to decide to start groping her breasts. It's really just kind of tacky. Just a helpful hint for y'alls. Your welcome.

Note: I do not remember what i was talkingabout but I may have actually been talking about how I get annoyed when strangers grab my ass. Or something along those lines. I'm thinking that it was more of an emotional issue though. I really don't remember. I do remember thinking "What the fuck are you doing?!" when his hands started going up my shirt. I mean, really, what was the turn-on in that moment? If anything I would think it was a turn-off. Dammit, now I really wish I remembered what I was talking about.

Two years ago I also knew that Beth and Rudy would get together. I even told him that I would not mind if things between us didn't work out and he ended up dating her. Apparently this weirded him out a little. I guess I can see why.

But I always get to tell Beth I told her so . . . ~grins~

The Rudy thing was kind of bizarre. I think he basically went out with me because he couldn't date my sister, thought she was too young and all. No, that wasn't really it. I do think he was always attracted to her but tried to deny it to himself at first. Mainly because she was 17 I think. Anyway, we'd chatted a few times and had a really good time. He's super into movies, a film geek who is not in film school, and I am a theatre geek also pretty into movies (aspiring film geek I guess you could say). He found me attractive, I thought he was pretty cute, he finally asked me out a month after finding out my boyfriend and I had split. We dated for about a month. Went out a few times with my sister, attempted a double date or two with my sister and his roommate. We kissed a few times but . . . there was really never any chemistry. There should have been, we really should have been a really good couple but . . . there was no chemistry. And I think I kind of knew it from the beginning. Even before I dated Rudy I told Beth that I thought he was into her. Anyway, it was fun and there is absolutely no weirdness at all. I mean, weirdness about the fact that we dated and he's now with my sister.

I do think it is possible that they could get married. I would not bet money on it but in a few years . . . who knows. I don't know how it will work because they are very different. Well, no, not as different as someone would think.

I suppose this is one of those great instances where relationships don't make sense. On paper, Rudy and I would be a fabulous couple. Beth and Rudy? Well, they may be ok, but who knows. In reality, Rudy and I were a horrible couple. Great friends material, horrible couple material. Beth and Rudy however are a really really good couple.

And this is why I think it is impossible to predict who exactly will fall in love. Unless you see them together. Unless you can see that connection, whatever it is that makes their similarities an incredible bond and their differences even more of one. The way that they complement each other . . . Ok, this is getting way more philosophical than I intended or really want to go at the moment.

Love is a funny thing. Love almost never goes as expected. Well, as expected by the rational mind. Intuition however . . . that's another story.

Anyway, I also want to wish a happy belated birthday to Simply Sara who got a little older on Monday. It was wonderful to see you at your party over the weekend, we need to get together soon, I don't get to see enough of you! I am very very happy that you had a lovely birthday. JustaCaliGirl, it was really great to run into you too! Talk about random! We really should keep in touch more, I always enjoy seeing you, I'm sorry I didn't get to say good-bye.

Oh, one more thing to SimplySara: your boy is quite adorable. Especially in blue silk. ~grins and a wink~