February 10th, 2003


Ok, I will actually get on the ball for this.

Not that there aren't more important things to get on the ball for but, hey, this is on my mind now.

Soooo . . . Chicago! Who wants to go see it? Next week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday? I'm thinking Monday would be best. That is one week from today. Cloud 929, you must go. Anyway, reply if you are interested.

Oh, I also think that all girls who go should wear fishnets. Or not. Boys can wear fishnets too if they want. Or not.

I know many of you were interested, I better get some replies!

But they don't exactly whisper it behind my back . . .

75% whore

You Are 75% Whore!

75% Whore. Now we're getting somewhere. You're certainly no virgin, but haven't quite reached whore status.

You have the potential to be whore-like but stop yourself short when it comes to foursomes and riding dick with the passion of a wild cowgirl.

Next time your lover asks to include your best friend, go for it. In fact, invite a couple of friends over tonight and experience the sensation of uninhibited orgies.

You are great at sex positions, making your lover orgasm, and having sex in new places.

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It's been sent . . .

. . . so check your emails people. And reply. Or I will have to beat you. Not in a pleasant way.

This is only directed to a few people, they know who they are.

That is all. Thank you.