February 12th, 2003


I need YOUR help!

In the next week or so I will be starting to car shop in earnest. My question is what kind of car would be a good car to get. I want something that will get good gas mileage and is preferably under 20 grand. I'm planning to get a pretty basic model, maybe with a cd player. I would like to get a stick shift. I do not want another Ford escort. The bumper on my old car got fucked up if you so much as breathed on it. I want a car that will be reliable and fairly easy to take care of. I would love to get a Jeep or convertible-type car, but I really do not think that will happen.

Sooo . . . what should I look at? What car do you see me driving? Any advice for a first time car-buyer?

Thank you all!

(no subject)

I am really grooving on the hybrid cars. The Honda Civic in particular. I want to go see one. Now! In person! Find out if it is a possibility!

Are there any other hybrid cars out there?