February 28th, 2003


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Finanacial aid can fucking blow me.

One more year and my parents' finances can no longer be considered. Thank fucking god. I don't need this shit.
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    tv was turned off in rage.

Okay . . .

No matter how upset, how pissed at the world I may be, my honey always manages to make me smile. This can be annoying when he is the one pissing me off and I can't stay mad, but right now, the past few days, I swear to god he has saved my sanity. I also very much appreciate his advice and trying to help me out and trying to force me to get my shit together.

If it were not for him, I would be a raving lunatic right now.

I just needed to say that right now.
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As I fill out the FAFSA (Yeah, I know, nothing like last minute, baby!)

Has the student ever been convicted of possessing or selling illegal drugs (question 35)?

A federal law suspends federal student aid eligibility for students convicted under federal or state law of possession or sale of drugs (not including alcohol and tobacco). If the answers to this question is "Yes", you will be taken to the Question 35 Worksheet to help you determine whether this law affects the student's eligibility for federal student aid.

Count only federal or state convictions. Do not count convictions that have been removed from his/her record. Do not count convictions that occurred before the student turned 18, unless he/she was tried as an adult.

You know, there is no question about rape, robbery, murder, assault, etc. You kill someone, you can get financial aid. You sell drugs, you may not get financial aid. Does anyone else think that this is very fucked up?

Fun Fact from my HIstoryDaily email a few weeks ago.

If you had the Premium version you would read about the
"Superman" radio show. Did you know that Superman was made into
an anti-racism crusader? In fact, the show's writers revealed KKK
secrets within the show's dialogue to disrupt Klan activities.

I'd actually heard this before but still, it's pretty cool, no?