March 11th, 2003


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So tired. I've gotten so little done. Need to do more. Don't have the focus that I need to do any of it halfway decently. And there is a boy in bed who wants me to hurry back. If I go to bed now I'll end up staying awake for an hour thinking of all the shit I need to do and then getting back up and playing solitaire until 3 am.

I'll give myself half an hour to continue clearing out emails. If I'm still awake I'll read in bed a little.

Emails and posts involving a decent amount of thought will need to wait until tomorrow I think.

Still not in bed.

Will be. Very very shortly.

Quote from the Daily Show: "See, here's the problem: I'm making sense but our president isn't."

Ok, I don't think that was exact. If I get it exact I'll fix it.

Also . . . interesting thing. I worked for the Planet 103.7 radio station one summer. We gave out squishy earth balls with the station logo on them. The Daily Show gives them out also with their logo on them. It gets better. The Council of Foreign Relations also seems to have these. It may have been a really random joke but . . . eh, it's late and I have less than half a brain at the moment.
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