March 12th, 2003


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It's 7:30 in the morning and I'm awake. I actually woke up at about 4 in the morning and sort of drifted from awake to semi-sleeping. I think I'm going to try taking a nap for an hour or two. I need to be active today and I won't be able to sleep until tonight.

Hope you all have a lovely day.
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Ed note: the following contains many assumptions. Then there is the rambling.

Chaos Stream and I were talking a little about the war and oil interests. I think I'm going to be cruising news sites this afternoon as I do other things. Anyone got any suggestions?

To be completely honest it would be a lot easier for me to support this war if it was not so obviously about getting control of the oil. Yes, I realize Saddam Hussein is not a nice man and should be removed from power. Is it our place to do it? We remove Saddam Hussein from power. Install some dictator that is US approved. To be honest, I don't know what the US plans to do after ousting Hussein, but I am positive the Iraqi people will not be choosing their own leader or form of government. (Wait, there are people in Iraq?! I'll be damned, I thought it was just Hussein and oil fields! I'll be darned, you learn something new every day.)

I do know that the Iraqi people will not have control over their own land. Yes, it makes me sick that Iraq is already being auctioned off to the highest bidders that threw down money for the Bush campaign. Oh yeah, and I guess the US will also give oil fields to those countries that kiss our ass right now. This utterly disgusts me. The standard of living in Iraq right now is horrible. We say that we need to go in to liberate the people will that happen? NO.

There is no reason that the Iraqi people should be so poor. There is so much oil in the land, all the people should be able to benefit. They don't. Because Hussein is a bad bad man. Or something. This isn't going to change under US occupation either. Hell, Iraq will be owned by other countries! Ah, but with all these oil companies coming in, won't that create lots of jobs for the Iraqis? Sure it will. And they will be paid as little as the companies can get away with paying them. Iraqi oil will make people like the head of Halliburton richer than they already are. I don't think much will change for the average Iraqi citizen. Christ, they won't even be able to own their own oil fields!

I just see something very, very wrong with this. It is the breeding ground for a new generation of terrorists.

I don't know if this war is still be said to be about terrorism at all. I think it will make it worse.

I am afraid of going into war under a leader who doesn't give a shit what his own people think, much less the rest of the world.

I am afraid for the soldiers that are being sent over there and how the ones who return will be treated. Folks, many of them do not think this war is a good idea, they are going because their boss is telling them to go. I have a feeling I will probably get a few arguments on this one.

I am afraid that this will become World War III. I am afraid nuclear and biological weapons will be used. I fear for the safety of everyone I love. I fear for the world.

I do not think that war is the best option but I fear that the US is already too deeply entrenched. I very, very much fear what will happen if we have to go it alone.

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I managed to save Hamtaro and Bijou and the Cabbit enacted it's rage against Bubbles.

It seems that Chaos Stream is now an agent of this demonic Bubbles and has kidnapped Bijou again. Hamtaro is sad.

And I still have not found little Hamtaro and Bijou. Grrrr . . .

Here is some very, very good news . . .

Elizabeth Smart has been found. I don't have any links on me right now, I'll try to get one up soon. Or if someone could leave one in the comments section, I would be much obliged. I didn't see anything on, not yet at least. I'm sure something will be there soon.

She was kidnapped 9 months ago. They found her in a car, 15 miles away. She's alive and apparently pretty well. Wow. This is utterly amazing.
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