March 26th, 2003


Oh. My. God.

I realized something just now.

I am terrified of heights.

I am terrified of heights when I am climbing a balcony and if I fall I will land on concrete. My not falling depends on my upper body strength and sense of balance. My upper body strength is basically non-existent and my sense of balance is rather shitty at the moment. Most likely if I fall I will break a leg and not be able to work for 6 weeks or so. Among other things. Running through my head is a picture of me falling and my head cracking open on the concrete. Blood everywhere, it's kind of a pretty picture. Of course, I'm dead. Minor detail.

I will never leave the key in the house again. Whether or not I think someone else will be there.

A question . . .

This is directed to the ladies. Guys, if you were well-acquainted with what happened with a girlfriend or other female friend, please tell me what you know also.

The question: What sort of side-affects did you experience when you started taking birth control pills? What kind of pills were you/do you take?

It's been a week and a half and I am wondering if what is going on with me is normal.

Oh yeah and . . .

. . . Lose Yourself has been stuck in my head since the Academy Awards. I need to get that song on cd or something. Actually listen to it a few times, get it out of my system. So that I can enjoy it and it not drive me insane.

I got this in my email, I thought many of you local folks would be interested in this.

Dear MoveOn member in California,

Senator Feinstein signaled recently that she may vote to confirm judge
Priscilla Owen to a key federal court. The vote will happen tomorrow,
Thursday, March 27th, and Senator Feinstein's vote will be crucial.

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised, but we are. Owen was rejected last
year by the Senate Judiciary Committee because of her history as a
radically conservative judge on the Texas Supreme Court. In one
instance, Owen attempted to create new legal barriers to reproductive
choice, departing from legal precedent to suit her own views on the
issue. Alberto Gonzales, who was then a colleague of Owen's on the
Texas court, and who is now President Bush's chief White House Counsel,
criticized her action as "an unconscionable act of judicial activism."

Senator Feinstein needs to hear from us. In January, she cited
thousands of our calls as her reason for opposing another radically
conservative judicial nominee. Obviously, we can't let up now.

Please call Senator Feinstein immediately, at:

Washington, DC (202) 224-3841
San Francisco (415) 393-0707
Los Angeles (310) 914-7300
San Diego (619) 231-9712
Fresno (559) 485-7430

Make sure her staff members know you're a constituent. Then urge her to:

"Please vote AGAINST confirmation for Priscilla Owen."

If you're surprised that Senator Feinstein would even consider
supporting someone like Owen, by all means say so.

Please let us know you're making this call at:

Keeping a count helps make our work more effective.

Here's some more information on Priscilla Owen:

According to the New York Times, Owen "is considered by legal analysts
in Texas to be among the most conservative members of the Texas Supreme
Court, which, in turn, is considered one of the nation’s most
conservative supreme courts."

The same article reports that Owen "once wrote an opinion that saved the
Enron Corporation about $15 million after accepting campaign
contributions from the company."* (Judges are elected in Texas.)

According to the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, "In many of her
opinions, Owen seeks to override jury verdicts or diminish the role of
juries, especially when juries attempt to protect the rights of working

Please call Senator Feinstein now and urge her to oppose confirmation
for Priscilla Owen.

Thank you.


- Peter Schurman
Executive Director
March 26, 2003

P.S.: For more background on Owen, see:

* Source: New York Times, Jan. 22, 2002: "Enron Ruling By Nominee To
U.S. Court Is Being Noticed", by Jim Yardley.

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