April 2nd, 2003


Beauty is . . .

. . . watching Triumph the Comic Insult Wonder Dog (or whatever the fuck his title is) lay into Simon Cowell (the British asshole from American Idol who is funny as all hell).

Damn, that was funny.

Sometimes, I wish I could be that mean and amusing.

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Yesterday I posted a decision that I had made. My decision to stay out of certain war-debates in other journals. I had said that I would discuss this more later.

Since I am in a much better mood and have a pretty good idea of what I'd like to say, this seems to be a pretty good time to do it. Khayman made a post a few days ago and I may end up reiterating a lot of things that he said. I'm not going to go back to read his post now, I'd like to write this in my own words and I do think that we may differ in a few ways.

Before I continue I would like to mention that I answered my rhetorical question from yesterday pretty much as soon as I posted it. I will not reply to people that I do not know in these debates either. It just seems that it would make it impossible to stick with what I have decided. I mean, I couldn't tell the people I know not to reply to my comments to their friends, that would be bullshit. I will not say something and not allow it to be commented on.

My possible exception is if some stranger comes into a personal journal of one of my friends, and enters a debate simply to insult my friend personally. I think it is rude and completely unacceptable. There is simply no excuse for it.

I'm thinking here would be a good place to lj-cut but I am really not wanting to. So I'm not. Deal. This post may be kind of long but I have a lot to say and I think some of it may be worth hearing. For everyone.

Now, when I said that I was going to stay out of the political discussions in my friends' journals that did not mean that I was going to stay quiet on this war and all surrounding issues. I will post and share my thoughts and feelings on this war. I will link to things that I think are interesting. I will announce events that I think may be worth going to. I will also post things that piss me off, that I think are ridiculous. Sometimes I will approach it from my point of view, very seriously. Sometimes I will post from a more tongue-in-cheek view, or a more humorous (yes, there is plenty of humor in this war, there always is humor to complement tragedy), or more of an observational view. I haven't posted much about the war so far but there are a lot of things I haven't posted about much lately due to other things that I need to deal with and, often, simply not feeling like writing a big thought-provoking thing. I've been rather depressed lately, and that tends to be a huge energy-sapper, frankly. But that is a topic for a whole other post.

Anyway, I will still post about the war and how I feel and what I think is interesting. I will always welcome your comments whether you agree, disagree, think I should get my head examined. I am quite willing to listen to anything anyone has to say about the war and consider it. I find that there can be something to be learned from both sides and I believe that it is necessary to listen to opposing viewpoints. I only ask that it is done with respect for me and that anyone who debates in my journal does so respectfully. I will not tolerate personal attacks on anyone in my journal. I will then feel obligated to tell you you are being a jerk and have to set-up a whole other post for people to ridicule you. Or maybe I'll just stick with telling you you're a jerk. Depends on what mood I'm in.

I may also still comment on war-related entries in other peoples' journals. I will cease debating and participating in the debates as soon as someone begins to personally insult someone else or people begin to be disrespectful. I will not take sides among friends. I refuse to do it.

I was starting to write about the reason why this has come up but it just seemed so pointless to write about. Really not necessary.

I'm going to pause for a moment to briefly state my opinion and stand on the war. I do not agree with this war. I am not so sure that we should be at war with Iraq at all. I can see that there could be good reason for it, I will say that. That is something I am not so sure about. Why do I think that we should not be at war with Iraq? Various reasons. I tend toward pacifism. I think war should be as a last resort, an absolute last resort. Human lives will be lost. I will never agree with a religious war or a war for financial reasons or as a distraction. I think that is what this war largely is. I have seen very little evidence of why we should go to war. Yes, Saddam is a bad, bad man. Much of the world agrees with this. What right do we have though, to go into another country and remove their leader because we think he is bad? Because we are the US? I just cannot be convinced that that is a good enough reason. I also have a huge problem with the fact that we went against the UN to go into this war. Basically, I think that we went about it the wrong way. I also have huge problems with going into this war under Bush. It has been proven that he doesn't give a shit what the people think and that from the beginning he intended to go to war no matter what. Because he could.

Oh my, there is much more that I could say on that. I think I will save the rest for another time because that isn't really the point right now. Basically, I am against this war. That is what you need to know for this section of my rambling. Really, there is a point to it! ~grins~ Anyway, I am against this war. I feel very strongly about that. I plan to go to protests when I can (I was going to go to one this Saturday but I'm not sure I'll be able to make it). I'd like to hang banners or post flyers sometime. I will be open about what I believe but I am not going to attack someone over it or make it my duty to change their mind. It is not my duty to make up anyone's mind for them, a person must make up their own mind.

It is my duty to please that booty. Sorry, had to throw that in there, make sure you are still paying attention. ~grins~

And I find that I am so far from the point that I wanted to be at now. Livejournal debates.

Upon reading and thinking about it a bit more, I have decided to save what I was going to write here for another time, when I have what I want to say a little more thought out.

I did have one more thing I wanted to say. We are at war right now. No one knows what may happen. Tell the people that you care about that you care. Tell them now. Tell them as often as you can. Everyone is on edge right now, everyone is scared, everyone is stressed out. Try to be gentle with each other. We need it. This is so important.

~hops off her soap box~

On the lighter side . . . .

These reality tv show promos on Comedy Central are cracking me up. The latest one was for Joe Mormon. Yes, it was exactly what it sounds like.

The first one I saw was for Handicap House. I half believed it was an actual reality tv show. Hey, does it really sound that out there?