April 3rd, 2003


I was going to bitch . . .

. . . but my night ended so well. Good night all. ~smiles contentedly~

Note to self: I really need to have munchy type come-home-from-work-food on hand. My tummy is always growling when I get home.

Before I forget there was some cheese and some meat that had been in the fridge for a long time. They were tossed. They smelled funny.

Now sleep. Yeah. Sleep.

~sigh, contented smile~
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Question . . . .

Leeshers, Aziraphale, do either of you need previous episodes of Angel? We have yesterday's episode, plus the previous two weeks.

I just wanted to make sure anyone who needed them got to watch them before I let Chaos Stream tape over them.

If there is anyone else who needs these episodes, please let me know, all are welcome to them.