April 5th, 2003


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That was fun. Katyokoshka, Photicdriver, Wonkyear, you guys need to come down more often. It was great to see you. Really nice to see Ravi and Pete too.

Kinda sad Brian and girls from the play didn't show. No worries, another time.

I think I did something at the wrong time. I was too drunk to have that conversation but it's done. I feel bad, because I knew exactly what I wanted to say but that kind of all went out the window.

I learned something this week. I'm a very loyal person. I want to smooth the way between friends and stand up for people that I feel have been wronged. If someone is being a jerk to a friend I want to speak up, even if that person may be a friend.

Anyway, I need to let people fight their own battles and take care of things their own way. As hard as it may be sometimes. I have to. Sometimes I need to not interfere. I know this. It is so very very hard. There is a situation that I should have maybe interfered less in. I needed to say something though.

But then there is another . . . perhaps I spoke too soon. Perhaps not. I suppose we shall see.

I feel really good right now, all in all.

Parties in June. Yes. I think they would be good things.

My I am drunk. I keep misspelling shit. I'm rather anal about that actually. That may be a surprise, I know I have a lot of spelling mistakes in my journal. Then again, I very rarely proofread what I write. I write, I may proofread as I go but then I post. I very rarely re-read.

Ok, I need to end this. I suppose I'll fuck around on the computer a bit until folks get back.

My, I'm drunk. Got some needed email addys. Yay!

Have a safe trip home folks!!!!

I think I will go upstairs. Snuggle a little.

I love you guys. Really. I missed those who were not here.
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