April 6th, 2003


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Your personality type is ENFP.
Extraverted (E) 71% Introverted (I) 29%
Intuitive (N) 59% Sensing (S) 41%
Feeling (F) 90% Thinking (T) 10%
Perceiving (P) 68% Judging (J) 32%

Same as in high school. I actually thought that Extraverted and Introverted would be the closest scores rather than Intuitive and Sensing. Hrmmm.

If you would like to take the test, go here.

If you want to read about my personality type, keep reading.

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That was fun. I just got back from the Vagina Monologues cast party. Speaking of . . . I still need to post about last Saturday. The show and the ensuing party.

Sarah was at the cast party. She told me that she and Josh had so much fun at the party last Saturday and that they were so glad to meet my friends. That would be you guys. They very much look forward to more hanging out and will probably attend Coachella with us if that is okay.

Sarah's exact words were along the lines of: "Yeah, Josh and I have some friends but they're mostly from work and they're cool but . . . Your friends are so cool and kind of geeky and we are so happy to find people like that, it's exactly the kind of people we were hoping to meet out here, you guys remind us of the people we hung out with in Oberlin. You are all just so great!!! We had such a good time." I don't think I got every word exact, but that was kind of the gist of it.

Sean and Lauren were also telling me how cool you guys were and how much fun they had last weekend almost before saying hi to me. They would also very much like to be notified as to any future happenings. Naomi was not there. They were very sad that they could not make it Friday, they drank a little too much sake after sushi and were not feeling very motivated. They would very much like to attend future happenings.

Sean was funny, he said at one point, "Yeah, there was alcohol and a bunch of half-filled bongs, I felt like I was home!"

Chandra was not there either (she was the girl who dropped me off and left) but when i walked her out to her car last weekend she had mentioned that my friends seemed very cool and that she would like to hang out again sometime.

Two other girls had said they wanted to come to the party but were not able to.

Anyway, yeah, folks had lots of fun last Saturday and thought y'alls were pretty damn cool.

I just thought I should pass that on. ~grins~

So, other than hearing rave reviews about my wonderful friends, I got food. Free food. And free beer. The beer was not supposed to be free. It was supposed to be a dollar off. The bartenders would not let me pay them. I don't know if it was just me, I think some of the girls paid. The bartenders weren't really flirting with me or anything and it was two different ones.

Got to talk to some of the girls which was great and we watched the video. I got there right after my monologue so I didn't watch me but apparently my monologue was one of the ones that needed to be spliced in since the tape got all screwy Saturday night. It really blows because the Friday night performance was my worst one. A lot of the other girls said that I was really good. I don't know. I really wish my Saturday night performance could have been taped, it was so much better! Well, I'm still going to get the tape. This was such a great experience, I can't not.

Yeah, speaking of, I cannot believe what a group was gotten together for this show. Everyone was so supportive, so friendly, and just a lot of cool girls. I mean, I really, really hope to keep in touch with a lot of these girls. I wish that we had had some rehearsals together, more time to hang out. Oh, and besides how simply freakin' neat a bunch of these girls are, there is a lot of talent too. Yeah, I know some of you heard Lauren do excerpts of her monologue last Saturday.

Okay, if I keep wrting I am just going to get all mushy and gushy. I had a really great time. This was an amazing cast. So many neat people that I am looking forward to seeing again. Got to talk to some people, do some drinking, nice conversations. Talked to the girl who did "Under the Burqua" who was pretty cool, I hadn't had much chance to talk to her before. Pictures were taken. Talked to Shawn for a little bit about exes and music. After talking about how cool my friends are.

Yeah, I think that counts as one of the topics of conversation of the night: "How cool Christi's (aka "Bob") friends are.

Hrmmm . . . and that pear cider and glass of beer that I had have me nice and toasty but I am a little hungry. There was food but mostly snacky things. And cake. Good cake. I think I will make my pot pie. That should be perfect. And maybe have a bit of a screwdriver to keep this perfect warm cozy buzz I have. Yes.

Sarah and I were going to hang out after the cast party tonight but she was very tired. I was also rather grooving on just going home. So she just drove me home and we parted ways.

Oh yes. Sarah must watch Gladiator Eroticus. She must get drunk and watch it. I think I also need to convince that girl to get a livejournal. For I am eeeeeevil . . .

I must go to O'Briens again sometime. The folks who work there rock. Not just because they gave me free beer. They also closed the place down for our party. And a re generally cool guys. Yeah.

Note: Okay. Thing of most importance now. I am getting a new email address. This is the third time in three days that I have had to fucking call aol. I am irate. I am pissed. And now I am off the phone after nearly bitching out one asshole and talking to someone who was actually helpful. I had better not have to do this tomorrow. I think I am definitely getting a new email address tomorrow. Got any ideas? I'm going to get my potpie and fix a strong-assed screwdriver now. Yeah, it killed my buzz and feelings of good and fun from the party. Damn asshole. I wish I had gotten that guys name. He fucking disconnected me! I so should have chewed him out like I wanted to. At least the second girl was nice and helpful. She made me feel better.

Still. Grrrr . . .

Ok, I will think happy thoughts. Yes. Happy thoughts.