April 9th, 2003


Hey! The spam-mailers are looking out for my spiritual life. That's so sweet.

Are you or someone you know in need of some helpful advice?

Throughout the Christian experience we are tempted to constantly search for
the "new thing" or the "fresh revelation" that will somehow, make our lives
better and the Christian walk more vibrant.

The "Life Application Study Bible" is now here along with many other
bibles and videos!

See our site for more information!

P.S. Easter is almost here, this can make a great gift to a loved one or a friend.

We are committed to helping you onto your furthered path of enjoyment in the Lord.

Wow! Total strangers are committed to helping me onto my furthered path of enjoyment in the Lord. I didn't think I was shouting his name that loudly last night . . .

People are too kind.

Oh yeah and . . .

I kind of wanted to see the Cher farewell concert last night. I'm sure it will probably come out on video shortly. It's probably better that way. I can save it for some time when i decide to get trashed.

Or I can just wait for Cher's next farewell concert in 2 years or so. You know, the one that will be "the REAL farewell show". Yeah right. She is so going to pull an Elton John. I can just see it. Cher will never go away.

Which is good news for drag queens and those who are generally intrigued by massive sparkling displays of tackiness.

Oh, and have I ever mentioned that it's fun to try to impersonate Cher?

Someday I will go to karaoke and sing cher songs in my best Cher voice. Yes. That will be fun. And I will wear a 3-foot tall sparkly Bob Mackie headdress. Ok, maybe not. The headdress I mean. Unless I actually could find a 3-foot tall sparkly Bob Mackie headdress . . . That would be neat. I would wear it to the grocery store. Yeah . . .

Ooooo . . . sparkly . . .

And a quiz before bed. Because you were dying to know.


You Are an EXPERT in Bed

You know precisely what you’re doing when the sheets are pulled down and the panties go right along with them.

You’re also super confident, and rightly so.

Because any man who may be fortunate enough to find himself between your legs is a happy man, indeed.

You’re the type of woman men brag about in locker rooms: knowledgeable, adorable, and lickable.

You’ve gotten to the point that you don’t even have to try so hard.

It all just comes naturally: the mouth, the hips, everything underneath.

One lovely little package.

Are *You* Good In Bed?

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