April 10th, 2003


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Okay, I am now a lot less likely to kill someone. I need to close out my aol account tonight though. I just need to be done with it.

Tink, call me tonight. Please. If any of you could let her know or send me her home phone number, I would greatly appreciate it. It is really, really important.

Goddammit, hurry up!

I am so tired.

I finished Dune. Now to decide . . . on to the next one or do I take a break from the Dune-goodness to read my acquisition of today: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Philosophy? Oh yes, I got it. It is mine. I was at Borders, it was there, I had enough of a balance left on my gift card . . . It was fate, man.

Aziraphale, Katyokoshka, and all ya other Buffy freaks, eat your hearts out! Na, na, na, na, na . . . ~dances around with the book, sticks out tongue~ Oooo . . . it even has an episode guide for Buffy and Angel. It doesn't include the current seasons though.

Ok, need to go be useful.

Tink! Call me!!!!

(no subject)

So . . . I just saw Angel from last night. I also saw the previews for next week. I have three words: WHAT THE FUCK?!!!!

That is all.

No, it's not. I was very pleased with the Fred-centric-ness and look forward to more. Of course, I just love Fred. I'm looking forward to her kicking some ass. I really like the way her character has evolved.

Ok, back to clearing out da old email.