April 23rd, 2003


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Ok, so I'm zoning out, watching tv. Mtv has this series of sex documentaries. The topic of the one I'm watching is furries.

Now, one of the main storylines is an 18 year old boy who is coming into his own as, ah, a furrie. Yeah. Ok. Well and good. Included in this storyline is HIS MOM'S REACTION TO HER SON BEING A FURRIE!!!!!!!

I am not kidding.

Now, perhaps this is my own prejudice or whatever but why in god's name would you tell your parents that you are a furrie?!!!! I mean, it seems this isn't something that affects a person's life really. I mean, maybe I'm missing something but it seems most people keep this to their private lives.

This seems to me to be along the lines of saying "Hi mom! There's something you need to know. I like getting spanked with a hairbrush."

Although it is pretty amusing watching all the things with his mom. She's a great mixture of shock, mild disgust and amusement. A classic scene was where he is trying to explain furrie-ness to her and she is asking him where he sees himself in ten years and how this will affect it.

But at the end there was a heart-warming hug between mom and her son in his coyote suit.

Oh yeah, at the end of the son's first confurence he mentions that he is not looking forward to going home and dealing with those issues. Hey! Here's a thought! Was it really necessary to inform your mom that people dressed as stuffed animals turn you on?!!!!!

Oh yeah, also at one point his mom says something like: "I don't see the big achievement in putting on a fur suit."

Oh, and this is me being a total superficial bitch but oh well: there was not a single reasonably attractive person in this special. At least not that I saw. Doesn't someone have some sort of theory about this?