April 27th, 2003


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Today was good. Low-key, but good. Slept until late afternoon. Hung out with Azzy, grabbed Greek food, ran around Barnes and Noble where I found a nifty out of print book. And got it for a discount since it had stains in various places. Went to see Chicago. Good lord, i love that movie.

And Taye Diggs is so damn hot. Yummmmmmm . . . .

Anyway, stopped by his and Leesher's place. Met Leesher's dad. He is quite cool. Discussed drugs which was a little weird. I've never met someone's dad and then discussed doing drugs with them. Kind of surreal. Cool, but surreal. Kitty decided he liked my lap. I got purrs and kitty kisses.

Came back here and watched Bram Stoker's Dracula. No, i had never seen it. Oh, and we had Smirnoff Ice Triple Black in a can! Anyway, cool movie. Despite Keanau Reeves. Very pretty. I think there are a few things i would have done differently but at the moment I can't really think what they are.

Anyway, now I think I head to bed. Today was good. I hope that everyone else had a lovely day. Hope you Coachella punks are having a great time.

I want to take a moment to say thanks to Dupin and Joe for a few nights back. A friend is someone who will do shots with you when you have decided that doing shots is necessary for your . . . mental health? Yeah, we'll say that's the best word. Anyway, it really meant a lot to me, guys.

Sleep now. I think I am going to spend most of tomorrow by myself. I think that will be good.

It was really great hanging out with you today, Azzy. Thanks.

Pretty much mundane stream of consciousness.

Ok . . . this is just gross. But I will persevere!!! I want to leave a little surprise for all that live and/or "live" here. I just don't know if I will have enough time.

In other news, there is weird shit going on with my left foot. This worries me. My toes aren't numb anymore like they were this morning but about an hour ago my foot was itching like crazy. It was all afternoon actually.

Hrmmm . . . at one point last night my leg was doing the same thing. Itching I mean. I think because the skin was dry. Maybe that's what's up with my foot. I should try to spoil my feet tonight. Lord knows, they won't be getting any the rest of the week!

Cloud 929, I am glad that we talked some and I am sorry that I was a little bitchy and defensive. Or maybe it was more than a little. Believe me, I do care but sometimes, it just takes way more energy than I have. I am so sorry too. I had thought a good many things would work out differently than they have. Still, that's not a very good excuse.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow. I am a little irked that I seem to have not received an email from a certain someone. I was told to keep the day open for a photo shoot last week. I still haven't gotten an email. I haven't done a shoot for this guy before, they've kept getting rescheduled. However, i suppose it's good too. If I do the shoot i will probably have to cancel my appointment and that is really past due. I'm looking forward to it.

And that paragraph went in nice little circle.

Yeah, so, I should really get my ass in gear and get this done. I miss a good many people at the moment but I am also quite content with being alone. I don't feel lonely at all. Well, perhaps a part of me does but it's not a bad kind of loneliness, it's the good kind where you are appreciating and thinking of those you care about.

Something Azzy said last night has just jumped into my head. Hrmmmm . . .

Shit!!! I need to call Brian and get my keys back. Fuck!!!! Roomie, I had forgotten that I do not have my keys at the moment. Unless Brian stops by tonight, I probably won't be by tomorrow. You know, since I couldn't get in if no one was there. I suppose I could just call first.

Ok, this is getting simply ridiculous right now.

How has your day been?