April 29th, 2003


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Ok, i am so freakin' jealous of those of you who went to Coachella. I must live vicariously through your stories and posts sooo . . .

You who went and have not posted, post now!!!!! Tell me stories!!!!! Now! Now! Nownownownownow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, did none of you see the Beasties?!!!!! I must live vicariously through someone who saw the Beasties!!!!!! Damn!!!!!! Oh. wait. You did. Never mind. Still, more about the Beasties! More! More!!!!!!!!!!

My honey brought me a lovely Coachella shirt. On it I read even more bands that I had forgotten were there. Gah!!!!!!! There is no way they can have a better line-up, ever. I still must go next year. Must! Must! Must!!!!!

And I am intrigued by these Fischerspooner people. And these Mutaytor folks. Must see . . .

Already intrigued by Blue Man Group. Was very much looking forward to seeing them. Another time . . .

I think that sometime in the near future, when I decide to work on expanding my musical horizons, I will use the list of performers from this year's Coachella as a jumping off point. The ones that I have not heard before or am not sure I've heard before. I think that would be good. Yes.

It's Rent. How can I resist?

Maureen - the performer. You attract men and women
like no one else, and you take full advance of
your outgoing personality to woo them. You
don't really care about the outside world, but
you pretend to to get your face on the screen.

Which RENT Character Are YOU?
brought to you by Quizilla

Yeah, what a surprise. Hey, guess who I always end up being whenever I "Play Rent". Well, in high school I did end up having to fight Jen for the part. Wait. No. She was usually Joanne. Never mind.

Hrm. Jen is who I went to see Rent with the first, and only, time. So many years ago. I so very, very much want to go again. It's been so long and I do so love that show. The next time it's in town I must go. No excuses. Must bring friends too. Yes.