May 3rd, 2003


I should not be awake right now.

I saw X2 tonight. Me likee. Me likee very much. Nightcrawler rocks my socks. He's so very very cool. I wish they had done a little more with Lady Deathstrike. That is such a cool name.

That is all I will say so I do not spoil the movie for anyone. And really, at the moment I do not have much else to mention. Cool. So very very cool.

Oh, M, you will not believe who I ran into working at the theatre. Max. Yes, that Max. He is still working for AMC Theatres. He's going to be in two Shakespeare plays in Santa Cruz this summer. Much Ado and one yet to be determined. He doesn't know which parts he'll have.

Also, may have new job opportunity thatnks to Dupin's lovely girlfriend.

It was very very nice to see folks tonight.

I like the drum game in the arcade. Even though I suck. And I must never play DDR in those shoes again.

Sleep now.