May 7th, 2003


Hey folks!!!!

PB Block Party is on Saturday. Among the artists are DJ Z-Trip and Royal Crown Revue. Also, a friend of mine, La Tanya Lockett, is playing. Although I don't think I will be able to get there in time to see her.

For a list of performers and other information go here:

So, who's coming with me?

Oh, Meg, please forward me the email you got from Victor. I haven't gotten it. Thanks!!!!!

Random bit of info.

I would love to see Metallica play live. I'm watching the Mtv Icons thing on them now. I saw Snoop Dogg cover Metallica. It was pretty special.

Anyway, yeah, want to see Metallica live. Someday perhaps.

Oh my god . . .

I am watching the end of Cats on PBS.

Well, I think it's the Memory Reprise at the end. I haven't seen it since I saw it live when I was, like, 6.

Good lord, the attention to detail is amazing! The make-up, the hair shaped into kitty ears . . .

Wait, never mind, this is just some sort of montage of performance numbers from musicals. Wait, is this the production of Crazy for You that I saw a few years ago . . .

Hrmmm . . . I wonder if this is some pledge week thing.

I was going to be all nostalgic and watch Dawson's Creek before Angel. My inner musical theatre geek is fighting my inner, ah, nostalgic lame-ass.
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    Vanessa Williams singing a song I don't know and can't place

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Nathan Lane!!!!

Matthew Broderick!!!!

Mel Brooks!!!!!

This is actually the first time I have heard a song from The Producers.


Ok, the inner musical theatre geek is gaining ground . . .
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    Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. No idea what the song is.

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Oh Christ. Celine Dion. I may not need to turn this on downstairs.

*And as much as I hate to admit it, I still really like this song. ~gives in and sings along~