May 12th, 2003


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Ok, this has been a great weekend. Officially. Thank you everyone.

Vegas rules, I can't wait to go back.

I will post about PB Block Party and Vegas but . . . not now. I haven't slept since Saturday night. And I didn't get a lot of sleep then either. So I'm kind of loopy. And my mental abilities are not to be depended on at this time. I am awake enough though, I think I will try to stick it out and just go to bed early tonight.

No overly physical things will be done today though. My body is already not very pleased with me I think. Going to the apartment is NOT happening today. Tomorrow morning. After sleep.

Oh my god, Toys is on. Such a great, odd little movie. I should buy it.

Ok, now to get a few things that require little effort and brain-power done. You know, to be a bit useful.

Must cuddle with the boyfriend again soon also. I missed him muchly yesterday.

Yes. I said muchly. I think it's a good word.

So is "AVAST!!!!!!!!"

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Ok, I have been sneezing all over the place today. And it seems to be getting worse. About five minutes ago I felt like I was going to blow my brains out of my skull.


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I have soup and Mac n Cheese and orange juice and more soup and ice cream and chips and dip!!!

I am set with comfort food for those with colds.

And the roll of toilet paper that needs to be tied to my wrist.
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