May 19th, 2003


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It appears the Ari Fleishcer has quit. I may have spelt his name wrong. If I did . . . sorry. I do not know why yet because I have not read the article. I think I will while I eat my lunch.


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Hey! I realized what day it is today!!! Whoop!!!!!! ~looks up some things, sends some emails, returns~

Forgot about a few phone calls I need to make also.

Question for the working stiffs and anyone else who wants to answer . . .

What are your favorite online cartoons and comic strips? Post the link so I can go look at them too. Even if you think I already have it.

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Where is that email?! I want it! Nownownownow!!!!!!!!! Email me dammit!!!!

In other news, I am very much liking my new email. I've been getting all my messages, no problems accessing the site. I think I picked an address that was a little long, but it had such a great ring to it!

The weekend was pretty good. Went to the Fairest of the Fair pageant on Friday, got to hang with my sister and talk about stuff and see a few girls I hadn't seen in awhile. Came back to the PB house, hung out.

Saturday wandered off to do a few errands. Did a lot of walking which made me a little grouchy. That and no lunch. Went to see The Matrix. I very very much liked it but I don't really feel like writing a review at the moment. More chill-time at the PB place with folks. AluminumDreams stopped by. Nice talking with folks and relaxing. ChaosStream got me a present. I feel like I am forgetting something from Saturday. Oh yeah, missed Aziraphale and Katyokoshka at the movie.

Sunday was my friend Erin's graduation BBQ. Peter and Margaret (two of my favorite theatre teachers from State) were there which was a surprise. It's still so weird to me to hang out with teachers outside of class. I still always wonder what to say and how to act, you know? My friend Elizabeth was there too who I hadn't seen in ages. Met her new boyfriend. Gave her the new email. She had better write, since I don't have hers. Met a couple oher people too. Lots of food. Bought a homemade card from little girls selling cards their mom had made.

Wandered back to the PB abode. Hung out with Leeshers and Rhuarc. Yes, there was a period of time where NONE of the people hanging out at the PB place actually lived there. Although two of us pseudo-live there. Watched tv, ate food. ChaosStream returned, we watched Six Feet Under, then headed to his friend's graduation party. Smokeed out of the Eiffel Tower, drank out of the keg. Well, drank out of plastic cups that the beer was poured into from the keg. Met some nifty people, hung out. Good stuff.

Funny thing, I had more fun at both parties than I expected. Both were pretty low-key and nice.

However, going to two graduation parties also got me thinking about my schooling. I feel old, that I still have so much left but that I should have been done years ago. There is part of me that feels like I will be too old to do anything when I graduate. Really, I don't care, I mean, two years is nothing really. It just seems sometimes that you have to do everything young. I'm starting to feel old occasionally. Isn't that ridiculous?! I'm 23!

I also started wondering yesterday whether my academic emphasis is really wehere I want it. Do I really want to major in theatre or did I just want to take all the acting classes? Should I just Major in Women's Studies rather than minor? Should I change my program around or just stick with what I have and graduate as soon as I can? I am happy with what I am doing now. There are also other things that can make me happy. And I wonder if what I am doing now is going to be best for what I may want to do later. But there are many things I'd like to do later. I'm not sure.

And I have so many other things to think about right now. But if I am going to make a change with school stuff, now is the time to do it. Make sure I am on the track I want to be on when I return.

Anyway, the weekend was nice, after the family drama from the week. Did spend some time processing it all and some time trying to forget about it.

This week is going to be pretty hectic. Loop's party Wednesday. Kelly's party Friday. PhoticDriver's party Saturday, but I probably won't be able to make it. War is this weekend also. Will probably be going to that Saturday since i promised some folks that I would be there and i won't be able to go Friday. For some reason I'm thinking something else is supposed to happen this week.

Ok, I should go check on that email.

Good to see threeedgedsword this weekend.