May 21st, 2003


(no subject)

Oh my god, what a lot of crap. Did you know I still need to pay money to get my SAT scores sent somewhere? It's going to cost me 26 dollars to get them sent to me!!!! Christ!!!!!

The guy I talked to on the phone was such an idiot. How long does it take to find out how much it will cost? You know it is 10 bucks to "get them out of the archives", you ought to know how much it costs to send them. I mean, you're on the damn help line! What else would people be asking?!! Christ!!!!

Anyway, for the last two days I'm finding myself having a little fascination with dressing up in boy costumes. For costume occasions. Like Halloween. Or War. I think I want to dress up as a character from the Matrix for Halloween. Not Trinity. Or Persephone. That's too obvious and dumb. And I don't think I'd work as either character. I'm thinking Agent Smith would be fun. If I could find someone to do it with me I would dress as one of the Ghost Twins. That would be so cool. Probably kind of expensive though.

I'm thinking of going to War and just doing a basic boy costume. Black pants, Fluffy tunic-type shirt. Some kind of hat. This is actually more out of cheapness. And the fact that I cannot find any of my belly dancer stuff. And the fact that I'll only be there a day. And a bit of laziness.

Now I really should bind my breasts for my boy costumes but I don't think I will. Because trying to have an uber-realistic boy outfit but leaving my breasts as is could be a fun little gender fuck. Ok, because really I hate binding my breasts, after awhile it starts to hurt, it gets hot and sweaty if you do anything fun, and it's really not worth all that work. Besides, my boobs may look kinda neat in boy clothes.

Of course, I could change my mind about all of this.

I also have a project that I think I will start work on this summer. Well, it's more of a research thing. I'll post about it later.

I could have sworn I had other random shit to mention. Oh well, I need to go get dressed now.

I think something may be wrong with the universe . . .

It seems that I knew about the forthcoming underworld show before ChaosStream. And . . . when ChaosStream found out it was from Trekkies. ~giggles~

Also, Aziraphale, I do not think your cat's head has grown since he was a kitten. I was quite convinced this afternoon. Then I forgot to mention it. So I am know.

And . . . and . . . there was something else. Damn. This evening was good. I will post about it tomorrow I think.

Must go watch Family Guy now. Then sleep. Sleep good.