May 26th, 2003


The post to precede the update post and also to comment on someone else's post that I just read.

So there is a Law & Order marathon on TNT today. I would like to be watching it while I play around on the computer but the tv in here does not seem to want to get that channel. Poo.

Today is recovery day. Yes. My weekend was pretty hardcore. I'll post about it sometime today I think. There was all sorts of goodness, some new experiences, and there was some badness.

I still can't find my sister's phone number. She called yesterday. I think I'll try to call Henry's maybe. I had it securely in my purse but then i did all sorts of rearranging in my purse to get rid of stuff and I never put everything back in. Gah.

I keep getting goddamn emails from I DO NOT NEED A MATCH!!!!!! I HAVE A MATCH THAT I AM VERY PLEASED WITH! FUCK OFF!!!!

Hrmm . . . I think this will be a list day. Need to get organized for the week. And there are a few other things I need to remind myself of.

So . . . in M's journal I just read that she ran into Jeff, her ex-husband and a really close friend of mine in high school. I haven't heard from him since before they split up. It's kind of funny, while they were married I talked to Jeff online tons. I hardly ever talked to M, I never saw her online.

Anyway, yeah, oh. Tink and Diz are here. Will post this. Comments on M's post later. Yeah.

Ok, to finish my earlier post.

Nice to see Diz and Tink, quite unexpected. They have headed off to see Bend it Like Beckham a movie that should be good that I would like to see. Not today though. Need to do other things and not spend money.

Talked to my sister for a minute. She's moving next weekend. Wow. I'll probably go over to help her sometime if I can.

Ok, so, M saw Jeff. I'm glad that they got to talk and that it went well. He's an EMT and just finished fire school and will be going to Medic School. And he's an Auxilliary Deputy for the police. I'm not sure what that is, but it seems pretty good. I'm glad to hear all this, it sounds like he's doing well.

And another old friend from high school is working for a place that removes bodies from crime scenes. There is a part of me that thinks that would kind of be a cool job.

Anyway, it sounds like they are both doing well and I'm glad. It seems like now is where I say "I wish I hadn't lost touch with them" but really, our lives went in different directions and I don't really regret that. I mean, it happens. I wouldn't mind running into either of them and getting to talk to them for a bit but really . . . I'm glad to hear that they are doing well.