May 28th, 2003


It's starting to be a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.

My toes are throbbing. Very very badly. I am not happy.

Ok, I should back up a little. Last night was yet another example of the Amazing Grace and Dexterity of Christiann. Chapter 253. Note: chapter numbers are totally arbitrary since I lost track long ago.

We can also call this "Many Years of Ballet Is No Defense Against Your Child's Accident-Prone Nature."

So, this is how I injured myself last night. I was cleaning up in ChaosStream's room. I'm clearing stuff out from under his bed. There is a wooden board under his bed. I'm not really sure why. I had to reach over the board to get the stuff under his bed. I got a splinter for my efforts. I tried to remove it and it embedded itself further into my skin. It should come out eventually.

About an hour or two later, ChaosStream told me that I could have one of the brownies he made if I was in the kitchen in 5 seconds. I had been smelling those yummy brownies all night and bugging him for one all night. So I raced downstairs and I tripped down the last two stairs and hurt my toes. I cried a little. ChaosStream and Foxy both thought I was crying since I hadn't made it to the brownies. Then they saw me at the foot of the stairs. ChaosStream gave me the brownie that he was going to taunt me with. It was a good brownie. I got a cold water bottle and hobbled up the stairs.

I got upstairs and sat on ChaosStream's bed. My plate that my chicken pot pie had been on earlier was still there. On this plate was the little pan the pot pie was in and the fork that was still resting in the pot pie pan. I went to hand this to ChaosStream so he could take it downstairs since I was not about to go wandering back downstairs at that time. I am not sure how it happened, but I managed to stab the middle finger of my right hand with the tongs of the fork which were facing down towards the bottom of the pie pan when I picked the damn thing up. That really hurt.

For the rest of the night I remained in bed and I do not think that I got injured in my dreams.

My toes still hurt like a mofo today. Ithink they are probably at least mildly sprained since I can't really move them much. The finger that I stabbed with my fork is no longer bleeding but there is a teensy scratch there that seems to now be covered by a flesh covered bump. It hurts too. But not like a mofo.

And the first thing I see when I look at my friends' page is this. I am speechless. And horrified. Utterly, completely horrified. I want to cry.

My day has not started well. ~cries~

An addendum

Some annonymous dumb fuck is leaving stupid assed comments in my journal. I often forget how much time some people have on their hands. Whoever it is does know what Hamtaro is though.

And I got the biggest heap of junk mail in my inbox today. The biggest heap of crap I've gotten in a long time. But junk mail can be amusing.
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I have codes galore!!!

I clicked on the generate more codes I assumed it would say how someone generates more codes. You know, the blood ritual that one must perform. I did not think that it would just automatically give me more. I now have 19 unused codes. Well, 18, I gave one to someone.

Soooo . . . if anyone needs a code for someone, I am the girl to talk to.
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