May 30th, 2003


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Still feel kind of odd today. It'll pass eventually I think.

I got a lot done yesterday though, I feel very accomplished. Of ccourse, getting that much done makes me realize how much more there is to do. And that isn't even considering if my mom is serious about having her whole house cleaned out by the end of the summer. I do need to get the rest of my stuff out of the room by the end of this month, beginning of July at the latest. Yes, I think I will set that as a definite goal. I'm not sure how much exactly is there though so this could be open to change. I forgot how exhausting moving and organizing is. Ugh.

I wonder if a loft bed would work in my room. I saw a pretty cheap one on the Ikea website last night. I could then put bookshelves or a chest of drawers underneath. I was thinking of getting a futon or some sort of fold out bed but I think the loft bed may be even better. It'll be small but I need a small bed right now.

Wednesday I had lunch with John, had some good talk and listened to parts of the new Weird Al cd. I must get this cd as soon as I have a little extra money to spare. So fun!

Ok, that's all. Wait! No! I got to be one of the first to meet Laruu's precious new little kitty. She is sooo cute! White and fluffy and small with a little pink nose and little wide blue eyes. And quite a voice. She's adorable. I helped with her introduction to Samson.

Ok, now that's all. Really.