June 2nd, 2003


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Ok, this must be said. Sarah and Josh rock my socks. They are such cool, cool people. All of you local kiddies who have not met them yet are definitely missing out. They just rule. And they bring beer. As good of an experience as the Vagina Monolgues was, as many cool people that I met and, and, yeah, everthing, had I just met Sarah the whole experience would have been worth it. Anyway, those kids rule, I am passing on the message. I swear, I feel like I have known them for years.

And I swore that I was going to pass on the drinking tonight since I did more than enough last night. Oh well.

Congratulations must be passed along to my sister who NOW IS MOVED IN TO HER OWN APARTMENT!!!!!!!! W00T! I have a feeling that her roommate situation may not go too well though. Just a suspicion more than anything. I can already see good it is for her to be in her own place, like a load has lifted from her shoulders. I know she is stressing about the mom thing too but it is so good for her to be out. I am so very very proud of my sister. And if she reads this at some point, I think that she ought to get a journal too.

So I decided not to stop by my apartment today, I decided I would wait until tomorrow to meet my new roommate. Partly because I had a rather bad hangover this morning. Ok, not that bad, just enough to make me not want to ride a bus for two hours each way. I also thought that it may be rather crazy today. This ending up to be good since I got a call from my sister. I had told her I'd be available to help with moving stuff today if she needed. She never called so I assumed she wouldn't need me but she called this morning right after I woke up. I ended up going to her house to help her put together some furniture.

"So, what did you do today?"
"Oh, I spent the afternoon screwing with my sister."

I hope your sick little perverted minds are happy now.

So it took way too long to put together an entertainment center but we did it for we rule. And then my sister was inducted into the wonders of DDR. She only played twice but I saw the look on her face even as she was missing beats and getting annoyed. She will be getting a playstation to play DDR. Oh yes. I think it will take her a few more sessions to get her totally hooked, but she will be hooked. I saw it on her face. Already. Muahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! She nearly ditched her boyfriend for DDR. Really. I swear.

Hrmmmmm . . . perhaps I should ask her if she would like some help on a Playstation purchase for her birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, there are too damn many birthdays at this time of year. You are all getting your presents late. Now you all know.

Soooooo . . . oh, reason why my boyfriend rules. Number 342. He bought me food. Without me really asking. And he even got butter for my biscuit and honey and all the good stuff. AND he got me a cute little sticker. And you know what? My boyfriend rules in other much more important ways too.

Soooooo . . . today was pretty good. Other than the hangover that I woke up with. Ick. I had a bad day yesterday. It was made better with copious amounts of beer and some weed and some good company in the form of Foxy and Laruu and Cloud929 and Dizzy and Tink and ChaosStream and the M man.

Six Feet Under Season Finale spoilers ahead. If you don't want to know, don't keep reading.

The wedding on Six Feet Under tonight was one of the most beautiful things I'd ever seen. I almost cried. The look on her face was just . . . absolutely beautiful.

And I am glad that Lisa ended up dead. Any other explanation would have been ridiculous at that point. I did love the walk in the afterlife that the daughter took. Wow.

And the wife's encounter with her dead husband at her wedding . . . that was a great moment too.

That was also the stupidest stripper known to man. Good lord!!!

I do think I missed some parts due to folks arriving and leaving. I'll have to watch it again sometime.

Ok, I think that is all for now. I hope you all had a good weekend.

"Don't be hatin' . . ."
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What a blast from the past.

Holy shit, the last time I talked to this guy was right before the first time I went to Sabbat.

Christ, it's like another lifetime ago.

Some of you will probably not quite understand what I mean I think. Others will.

Oh my god.