June 3rd, 2003


Go me . . .

So I started running today. Ok, it ended up being speed-walking with occasional bursts of running. Hey, I sucked at running when I had to do it for PE, I never had a faster mile time than 11 or 12 minutes. I was trying to remember the fastest one I got without cheating.

So I suppose I should say I have started powerwalking, hopefully it will slowly get moved up to jogging.

But the priority right now is to make sure I stick with it.

And . . . I think that's about all for now. Been reading some good stuff today and saw most of Newsies. No, I have never seen it all the way through. Really. In watching the movie I realized that it is a Catholic Priest's wet dream.

Ed Note: Totally inappropriate comment is about to be made.

So, the movie Newsies is a Catholic Priest's wet dream. All those pretty young boys dancing around with the occasional distraction of plot . . .

And I was not trying to insult Newsies or anything, the movie is a lot of fun.

Moving on.

Went for a very long walk yesterday to do some errands. Saw Brian for a bit, took a look at the latest draft of his lyrics. It's amazing to see how far they have come since the first time he showed them to me. I do hope he sticks with this.

Had a nice little talk with AluminumDreams last night also.

Now, if only work would call . . . ~sighs~ Guess I'll get some laundry done.

Because I think some of you may be interested.

I am reading an article in the magazine Psychology Today about Susan Sarandon and her political involvement/activism. There is a side-bar that relates to the story about what makes people more politically active or motivated then others. Why there are those who cannot watch the news without crying and others who are not affected at all.

Both articles are a little shorter than I'd like, I wish they'd gotten into more detail on both. Of course, I am also a huge fan of Susan Sarandon so I may be a little biased.

There is also an article following about how Washington's "Code Orange" shit may be terrorizing Americans more than the terrorists we are being warned about. I'm about to read it now.

If any of you are interested in either of these articles let me know.

Because we need to be prepared . . .

Check this out.

I thought about linking directly to the nuclear blast section but figured the whole site was pretty worthwhile.

I'm a little confused about some of the advice given in some sections though. Ingest potassium iodide in the case of a nuclear blast? Ummm . . . are you sure?

I also don't really feel any calmer or safer after looking at this site. I think I'm a little more worried actually.

(no subject)

There is a website for Psychology Today magazine. The articles from this month's issue are not on the site yet but it looks like last months articles are. I found the Christina Ricci/Prozac Nation article which I'm pretty sure is from last month. Perhaps the month before. Anyway, they do have archived articles on the site. The main page is here.

Also, there is a poll on the site for who you'd like to see in an upcoming issue. Jon Stewart is one of the nominees. Daily Show and Jon Stewart fans, make your voice heard! Vote here!!!!