June 5th, 2003


A quick survey. Yes!

This is short so I won't bother to cut.

1. Do you drink? Yeah.

2. How many times have you been drunk? More than enough.

3. Are you a virgin? Well, my birth sign is Virgo . . . . Ok, ok, no.

B. When did you lose your virginity? When I was 21 years old.

4. Is you best friend a virgin? ~snorts, laughs~

5. How many times a day do you say fuck? It can range from one to sailor.

6. Do you wear short shorts? I guess I do on occasion.

7. How many people have you slept with? Ummm 7 is the official number I believe.

8. Do you sneak out of the house at night? No need to.

9. Do you get along with your mom? Ha!!!!! ~snorts derisively~

10. How many guys have you kissed and what are their names? Oh christ! Ok, let's see here . . . names will be repeated, they are different people . . . Jason, Ian, Eisley, Nick, Matt, Lance, Lance's Roommate, Chris, the guy from Incahoots WHO WAS THE WORST KISSER I HAVE COME ACROSS IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!! Brendan, Brenny, Andy, Marty, Brian, Jay, Dook, Ben, Jeff, Rudy, Brandon, Damien, Jed, Mike, various other people at War during the cloven fruit game, Captain Slip and Slide, Adam, Matt, Um . . . ah . . . ok, I know there are, like, five others and I just can't remember right now. Isn't that horrible? Oh, and the question said guys so I just listed guys.

11. How many guys have you made out with? Do we mean making out that is kissing with tongue with hands all over the body? Do we mean making out that is just kissing with tongue? Ah, fuck it. I've made out with some of the above boys. NOT ALL.

12. Ever been so drunk you couldn't remember your name? Yeah, pretty much.

13. Do you have any eating disorders? No.

14. Piercings? Two holes in one ear, three in the other.

15. Tattoos? None.

16. Do you wear shirts that show your cleavage? Yeah. Not always.

17. Do you wear shirts that show your belly button? Usually they only show my belly button when I raise my arms or something.

18. Have you ever smoked cigarettes? Yeah.

19. Are you a regular smoker? Not so much. I'm an occasional smoker.

20. Do you do drugs? Yeah.

21. Did you once do any drugs? I did speed once. And acid once. I almost forgot about that. Anything else I've tried I've done at least twice.

22. Does your best friend do drugs? She has done A drug that she would like very much to do again.

23. Do you have any kids? Good god, no!

24. Do you think you could be pregnant? No.

25. Have you ever had sex with someone you barely know? Yeah. The story is kind of famous in my circle of friends.

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Loves you muchly,
The Invisible Roommate

*I wish I could do that nifty huge word scrolling thing. I think this is a birthday that certainly deserves that.*

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My throat hurts way too much to be laughing this hard but . . . . I just listened to Yoda's acceptance speech for the MTV movie awards. He won for best fight. Anyway, they started the music, you know like if you go too long during the Academy Awards. Yoda waves his hand "Play off Yoda, no one does."

He also gave many shout-outs to his homies from other planets including ones to Chewy and Vin Diesel.

Yoda represents. No, really, Yoda was representing for his peeps.

And he pays his respects to the ruler of this fine planet. To the Queen . . . latifah that is.

Hells yeah.

And I need a throat lozenge again.
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The molestation of Adrien Brody.

Isn't that a great subject?

Adrien Brody just got his payback for Hallie Berry at the Oscars. You see, he was presenting the award for best kiss with Queen Latifah and . . . yeah, you know what happened. There was ass-smacking too. And it wasn't Adrien Brody doing the ass-smacking.

Awww yeah, baby, awww yeah . . . .

The fun never ends on the MTV movie awards.

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And it seems I started a trend on that whole birthday thing. Woot! ~does a little dance~

I want chocolate. But it is very cold out side and I am really feeling icky-poo. Hrmph. What to do. ~ponders~

Keep me away from the computer when i am sick and watching tv.

So I only caught the tail end of that while I was writing that last post but I think that that was a segment on the asses in Charlie's Angels 2. Centering on Lucy Liu's ass.


Ooooooo . . . is that a velvet suit? No, just jacket. I want a velvet suit. How cool would that be. Ok, it's really be pretty hot. But it would look awesome!

You know, it would be really funny if Jackass didn't win shit tonight. I think I must watch the rest of the awards to find out. Ok, I probably would have anyway.

Ooooo . . . now 50 Cent is rapping. You know the song "Go shorty, it's your birthday. We're gonna party like it's your birthday. We're gonn a drink Bacardi like it's your birthday . . ." You know. I should get that cd. At least the single. Because at some point, on my birthday this year I just have to go around blasting "Go shorty, it's your birthday . . . " Aw yeah. Go, go, go, go . . .

Yeah, I know anyone who was reading has stopped by now, but hey, it's amusing me.

So, the creepy girl from The Ring got best villain. Hot shit, yo.

And The Lord of the Rings got best fight scene. And now Peter Jackson is getting his ass beat by Viggo Mortensen and . . . that white haired guy, no, not Legolas, definitely not Legolas . . . yeah, that king guy. The guy that Peter Jackson said "fights like a girl."

"Now is the time for us to raise swords together. And kill that bastard."
-said by Viggo Mortensen and the old white haired king guy as Peter Jackson runs away.

Dizzy, this is for you . . .

T.A.T.U. performed their hit song at the MTV movie awards. They were surrounded by an army of schoolgirls, dancing, thrashing around and taking off their clothes and throwing them at the audience. They end the song kissing. The schoolgirls, not T.A.T.U.

Sweet dreams. ~grins~

Ok, this was fucking hysterical.

Gollum won the award for best virtual character. There was a bit of a battle between Gollum and Smeagol and the guy who actually does the voice.

Best moment: "We don't have any friends!" "Dobby likes us." "Dobby's a fucking fag!"

Smeagol went on to call Peter Jackson a "fucking hack" later on also.

Truly a beautiful moment.