June 8th, 2003


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Okay so I should really get around to answering some of these interview questions floating around since I keep asking folk to interview me but not answering the interview questions. It's hardly fair.

Sooooo . . . look forward to my interviews! I can't promise I will answer in the order that you asked. I will probably just go through entries where people are interviewed and check if there are questions for me. Or I could check my email. Also, if there is a question that I am having difficulty with, I may save that interview until later.

But now, I will go see what the boy is doing, perhaps get food and do a few errands. Then I shall return.

I know, you can hardly wait.

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Oh. My. God. I just finished Loop's interview of me. I went to post it. It said the year was invalid. I could not go back and bring up the entry.

I. could. KILL.

I'm going to go on to another one now. I'll get back to that one later. I may find a way to make the answers a little more concise. Mainly the first one.


In other news, fun was had at the barbecue yesterday afternoon. Nice to meet Kim and my new roommate. Really good to see Mr. GlazedLife again and Nathan. And the usual suspects: Khayman, Leeshers, Aziraphale, Katyokoshka, Dizfactor, TinkerbellMK, and the birthday girl, Cloud929. Much fun was had, some people who have just met me know way too much about my sex life and Khayman did good barbecue. And good cake. Cake. Mmmmmmmm . . .

Then I came home and the boy had made crab. Mmmmmmm . . . crab. He was also quite high and I was amused. I watched Anime and cartoons with him and tortured him a bit and ended up having to hide the rest of the 'shrooms from him.

It was fun.

I can't believe I lost that entry. Shit! I am never again clicking on the "spell check before posting" box. Damn.

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Ok, actually I don't know if I am going to get to any interviews today because I am grumpy at livejournal now.

Also, most of my interview entries will be friends only. Due to the nature of a few questions.

I really need to get around to creating my new journal. I think it is necessary. Definitely time for a change.

I also think it wouldn't hurt being a little tougher to find.

My old journal will stay in existence, I have no reason to delete it. I may still post certain entries in it also. I'm not sure. Details will come when I've decided what to do.

Now I am going to pounce on my boyfriend and do some laundry.

Goddamn livejournal.

Good lord, i am a horrible sister. Of course, my sister won't read this but still . . .

A very happy birthday to my wonderful sister, a day late. In one year, I get to take her out and get her shit-faced. Well, I may have to share the honors with her boy toy.

I cannot believe my little sister is 20 years old. And she's moved out, on her own . . . ~sniff~ She really is a big girl now.

My new roommate is younger than my sister. That is kind of a weird thought. Wow.

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[take the test] - [by krystaljungle.com]

Okay depending on how I answer one question it's this or "Elite Grammar Whore". I thought this was a bit more accurate. Why? Read on.

You know what one of my pet peeves is? (Should it be "is"? Was "are" right? Look what this quiz has me doing!) One of my pet peeves is when I am reading a book and I find multiple misspelled words. The words are not misspelled for a reason, they are just misspelled. My hackles go up when I find one word but I find misspelled words in books so often that I need to forgive the first misspelled word. After that, I start seeing red.

I've always been really good at spelling. If you need a word spelled, ask me. The sad thing is that occasionally I get "theatre" and "theater" mixed up. Wait. No. No I don't. I just often use theatre instead of theater because I am so used to writing theatre. Anyone who has studied THEATRE knows exactly what I am talking about.

Almost all spelling mistakes in my journal are typos that I am too lazy to correct. I should try to be a little better about that, it would be good practice.

I'm not so good with punctuation and grammar though. Probably average to better-than-average. I'm fabulous with the basic punctuation, less sure when it comes to the colons and the semi-colons and such. I'm lazy about word placement also.

Okay, really, I've just gotten lazy.

I've thought about taking a grammar class to brush up. Actually, I think I have to for my major.

Okay, enough of this.