June 10th, 2003


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Ok, today I think I will be spending very little time on the computer. I may do an interview.

I'll reply to comments and perhaps get around to more interviews tomorrow. Perhaps later tonight.

So I've been slowly getting all my stuff on aol cleared out. It's always one of the things I am doing when I am on the computer and why I am usually on the computer if I do not have something more pressing to do. I am not able to access aol right now. I'm being told I need to reactivate my account. This is odd, after all the drama a few months ago I got two free months. Those two free months should be ending in about a week. I did not receive any emails or warning messages telling me anything was wrong.

So last night I call to find out what's going on. Get through all the fucking voice mail messages, end up talking to a person. Apparently there is something saying that I owe them some ungodly amount of money. It went from 115 to over 200 dollars depending on what he was looking at. The guy says, "This can't be right." Yeah, no shit. At this time I do not owe them shit. I would not owe them a damn thing for another week or so! The guy says that he will go talk to his higher up to find out what is going on and he will be back in a minute.

I wait on hold. I wait on hold for over half an hour. Really. The Daily Show was almost over by the time this guy got back. I went on hold 10-15 minutes before it started. I considered hanging up and calling back. I decided against it since I would most likely have to go through all this shit again if I did. Guy comes back. "Ok, they are going to have to review this, call back in 72 hours, sorry about the wait, thanks, bye." Wait. Hold on a second. You are going to allow me to access the account in the meantime, right? No?! Why the fuck not! You let people access their account when they are late on their bill, why are you telling me there is nothing you can do and I have to wait and be inconvenienced while you fix YOUR mistake?!!!!! You are saying that it is probably your mistake. What the fuck?! Oh, and I have to call you back? What?!!!!Why am I calling you back to see if you've figured it out?! Shouldn't you be calling when you know what the fuck has happened?!!!

The guys responses are all canned and he isn't listening to me at all. This is obvious because he answers every question the exact same way. No matter what I ask. "I'm sorry, there is nothing else we can do, I already spoke to a higher-up." Do you like peanut butter? "I'm sorry, there is nothing else we can do, I already spoke to a higher-up."

I'm getting frustrated and quickly turning into the customer from hell. I ask to speak to this higher-up that he talked to. "I'm sorry, that is not possible, I've already spoken to him and the problem is being reviewed, you must call back in 72 hours." Ok, well, I'd like to ask him a few questions. He refuses. I ask to speak to his manager. He refuses. It isn't "He's not available" or "I am the manager" or anything like that, he already spoke to someone higher up about it so I have no need to speak to a higher up so he won't let me.

I end up getting the "I'm sorry, that is all we can do, good-bye." And he hangs up. I was furious.

I should probably call and complain about this guy and perhaps try talking to someone who would be a little more willing to tell me what exactly is going on. I never even found out what exactly the problem is. I just don't feel like dealing with it right now.

At least I have all the most important stuff I need off of there.

Oh yeah, asshole man said that my account could be reinstated if I paid them something like 226 dollars. I asked why I should pay them money to get my account reinstated if I don't owe them anything. He said that that was the only way. No word on if I would get it back if it was an error.

So, last night AOL received my award for the absolute worst customer service I have ever received in my life. I wanted to cry at the end of the call, that's how bad it was. I actually did cry a little.

AOL can suck my used tampon.
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