June 27th, 2003


Oh my . . .

I just saw a young Dave Attell and Sarah Silverman question Jeff Goldblum about dinosaurs in Jurassic Park during his opening monologue on Saturday Night Live.

Some bits from the news today.

I still can't believe she is trying to blame this on Ecstasy. ~shakes head~ I just don't know what else to say.

And in other news . . . Raping Rapper pleads guilty.

And Strom Thurmond is dead.

So, my knee hurts like a mofo, no work for me today. What sorts of useful things can I do instead . . . ~ponders~

Need to find my monologue to look over for tonight. If I can't find it I may just need to find something else to read. I wish I had my copy of The Little Prince. There are plenty things in there I could use.

This cd is wonderful. I like it lots and lots. It's Junior Sanchez Presents the Best of Dirty Dirty House Volume 1.
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And he was Kung Fu fighting . . .

Kung Fu Lion
Historic Darwin Award Nominee
Confirmed by Darwin

(Late 1989s, Australia) A rather impressionable student of kung fu listened with rapt attention when his instructor dramatically informed the class, "Now that you have reached this level in your training, you can kill wild animals with your bare hands!"

The martial arts trainee took the statement as gospel, and headed to the Melbourne zoo to test his mettle with the wildest animal of all: the lion. In the dead of night, he slipped into the zoo, leapt into the lion enclosure, and engaged a suitable king of the jungle in combat.

He would probably have lost a one-on-one fight, but he never got to try. His naive fight plan didn't account for the enthusiasm of the lion's pride for a tender intruder; nor did it give sufficient weight to the possibility that his instructor didn't know what the hell he was talking about.

Zoo employees found his remains -- two arms and hands -- the following morning, with shreds of red fur grasped tightly in his fingers.

For more stupid human stories, go here.
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Ok, I've really been kind of irritable all day. I'm really not sure why. I don't really have a reason to be.

Need to stop now. I don't think I'm much fun right now.