June 28th, 2003


Flowers are pretty . . .

ah yes. the iris. you are the mysterious one of
the bunch. you sometimes have a sad tinge
about you, yet you're still great to be around.
you probably have a deep poetic soul. express
it if you aren't already. you probably like to
be alone, but when you do get out with your
friends you enjoy it. you really are a trend
setter, even if you may not realise it. people
are drawn to your charisma and want to be like
you. try to have a more optimistic outlook--
things are probably better than they seem!

what non-stereotypical flower would you be (with pictures)
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I hear the boy in the other room creating my new ringtone for my phone. ~giggles, shakes her head~

Yes, I again possess a cell phone. One of the unexpecteds of the day.

~brief pause~

It appears he is done with it.
  • Current Music
    The cellphone version of "The Mexican Hat Dance"