June 30th, 2003


Ok, what do I need to do today . . .

-find the curved nail scissors
-get all my stuff together for the fair tomorrow
-set up my voice mail
-call or email John
-dishes (if I have time)
-tidy up a little
-continue trying to get the rest of the stuff in my hair out
-whatever I am forgetting about here

Off to be productive for awhile.

(no subject)

I really want to take that quiz that M posted, it is pretty interesting. I need to get my other stuff done first though.

By the way, to all you San Diego peeps, I will be at the San Diego County Fair (formerly known as the Del Mar Fair) tomorrow (July 1st). I will be there from early in the morning until sometime at night. I will be at the Lemon Grove Chamber of Commerce booths at 3pm, feel free to meet me there. Before and after I will be wandering around the fair. Call my cell and we can meet up somewhere. Or you can head up with ChaosStream who will be meeting up with me when he gets off of work.

(no subject)

You know, at this moment I really don't get that idea of censoring yourself because other people can read your journal. I mean, shit, it is my journal. Or your journal. Or his journal. Now, I do make some private posts. Because there are some things that really may not be anyone else's business and these things may involve someone who may not want it to become anyone else's business.

Anyway, I'm kind of drunk and I really don't know what I am saying right now. Well, I do. I just can't write about it coherently anymore.