July 17th, 2003


Ladies, gentlemen, geeks, and nerds . . .

When I will be at Comic-Con:
Thursday: Not at all, must do other things.
Friday: Looks like it will be all day. From 10-3 I am scheduled to work at the Stunts Ability booth. I doubt I will actually be there until 3 if at all. ChaosStream will be joining me at Con today. Due to work, this is the only day ChaosStream will be in attendance.
Saturday: Not scheduled to work. Will probably just be running around con and seeing if I can get Angelina Jolie to sign my breasts. Hey, if that doesn't get me to the front of the autograph line . . .
Sunday: Again scheduled to work at the Stunts Ability booth from 10 until whenever. Probably going to be running around a bit also.

I am very excited since this will be my first time at Con. I wasn't planning on wearing a costume but I am now rethinking it. Anyone got any ideas? This needs to be pulled together cheaply and quickly. I could get together a Buffy outfit with very little difficulty, I also have my outfit from work so I could dress as a little Anime Schoolgirl. Anyone got any other ideas? I did grab my long fake blond ponytail from work. I've also got jeans and a black biker jacket and red vinyl pants. And other stuff. Some whips and daggers. I would need a silver cross for Buffy. And a stake.

Ok, enough of me thinking out-loud on my costume. Really though, if you've got any ideas, let me know.

Also, any of you Comic-Con veterans, is there anything I should know? Rules of thumb? Things that will result in my getting my ass kicked that I should know about?

For those of you not going to Comic-Con, is there anything that you would like me to look for for you? I will not spend hours in autograph lines. I absolutely refuse. If there is a short line I may hop in it. I also do not have lots of cash on me at this time so I will need the money before I go to pick up that 200 dollar copy of the first issue of Superman/Batman/X-Men/YourFavoriteComicHere.

If you tell me some of your interests I will grab as much related free stuff as I can.

For those of you who are going to Comic-Con this year, give me a call! Let's meet up at some point. I will post my cell number and e-mail address in a friends-only post following this. I should have my cell on me at all times this weekend. Unless I am sleeping. I will be checking my email later this evening and before I leave tomorrow morning. I'll check it throughout the weekend whenever I'm home.

And . . . I believe that is all folks. Have a great weekend! See some of you at Comic-Con!

Update: ThreeEdgedSword rocks my socks. For a variety of reasons. Thanks, man.

A few more Comic-Con related things.

Many thanks to John for bringing the Comic-Con to me last year in the form of free stuff. I only hope I can do the same for another.

Many thanks to John also for grabbing those tickets.

Once again, ThreeEdgedSword, you rule.

If, by some chance, I come across passes for Comic-Con, who would like to be informed?

Ok, now that really is all.

Oh, yesterday was a pretty good day also. That was not at all related to Comic-Con.


I just found two dollars in the pocket of my boot from War. I could have sworn I'd taken all the money out so I never bothered to check.

I think I've got my outfit for tomorrow. Thanks to ThreeEdgedSword for the idea and ChaosStream for all the stuff I'll be borrowing.

Must get all my stuff together. I have a feeling tomorrow will be a rather long day.

Tonight was fun. More later.