August 13th, 2003


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I got up at 7am. I rode the bus for an hour and a half. I walked up a huge flight of stairs and a hill in the East County heat. I did this all to find out that I cannot see the dentist today, because according to their records my insurance ran out in July. I booked this appointment over a month ago.

There is a chance that my dad was late on the payment this month. I really doubt that is the case. It's a feeling. I could be wrong though.

If this is an error on the part of the denist's office or insurance company caps are going to be busted on someone's ass. Oh yes.

And I am having issues posting this on livejoournal!!!!

Grrrrr . . . .

(no subject)

It has been a long day. Very tired. Didn't get a damn thing done here today but I did dance around to Superbeast for a bit which always makes me happy. Yes, Superbeast is one of those songs that makes me happy whenever I hear it. I also did hear Wicked Game today and sang along. Also a happy thing.

The tile is pretty and ChaosStream is here.

Looks like the dentist stuff is figured out. Seems my dad flaked (so that's where I get it from . . .). All will be well in September. Must make an appointment for September. I would like to try to find a different dentist since it does make me nervous that the girl gave me the name of the wrong insurance provider earlier today.

I would love to go to the beach early in the day tomorrow but I don't think I'll be able to, there are too many other things that I really need to do. Especially since I am working in the afternoon now. I need to get to the beach soon, I am really wanting some body-boarding time.

I've been lazy with the sunscreen so my arms are rather brown now. I was really trying to take care of my skin this summer. Ooops.

Hey kids! Christiann has a new weirdo on the bus story!

So I get on the bus to come home this evening. I sit towards the front. Already on board the semi-crowded bus is a very loud man. He is screaming and shouting . . . lord only knows what. He is in the back of the bus, thank god. I consider getting off and waiting for the next bus but I was getting back late as it was. The guy is only yelling at himself/his imaginary friend/the guy sitting across from him/all of the above.

The bus leaves and this guy is still yelling. The other passengers exchange looks and try to hide their giggling. I try to sneak a look at the guy but I want to make sure he doesn't see me. There must be no eye contact. Eye contact must be avoided with crazy bus people because if you make eye contact they come and sit with you.

The yelling dies down after awhile and the ride continues with no incident. A few blocks from my stop the bus driver says that the man laying in the back needs to get off the floor. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the screaming guy had apparently passed out in the aisle in the back of the bus. I have no idea how he got down there but he would not get up.

I got off at my stop, happy that I had not been bugged by the crazy bus guy for once. I did have a small headache though.

Ahhhhh, gotta love the bus.