August 19th, 2003


It is not good when . . .

. . . you are realizing that you cannot remember your past employment. I can't remember what came after what and up until a minute ago I had forgotten about two jobs I had.

I also have no idea what I should put on my resume. I'm loooking for a customer service or admin assistant position. And there are a few random interesting things that I am applying for also. I don't know what jobs to include and what not to include. I don't know what to put down as my objective. Do I write down my first job at the movie theatre because I was there two years?

Gahhh!!!! Now I know why people loathe doing resumes. Maybe I'll just finish up what I can and do the rest after work tonight.

In other news I have an interview to work in the Haunted Hotel this year. This makes me all sorts of happy. As far as I know the pay kind of sucks and I won't be able to do a lot of fun Halloween activities since I will be working but I have wanted to work in a professional haunted house since working on that one in 8th grade. I am all sorts of excited. Yeah, I'm kind of a dork like that. I did know a girl who worked at it a few years ago and she had a great time. Yay!

Ok, back to the resume now. If anyone has any advice . . . help!


Thanks to going through old journal entries I managed to figure out when I was working at Payless which means I have also figured out a bit of the job list. ~dances joyfully, much like Snoopy~

Double Woo-hoo!!!!!!

Thanks to that journal entry I have managed to recall my entire job history. Ahh the memories . . .

Ok, back to figuring out an objective and which things to include.

I'm thinking mentioning my volunteering at the political campaign would be a good thing to add. It's pretty applicable.

Oh shit! I did forget about the two week telemarketing thing. ~sticks that in the list~ God, I hated that job. More than I hated Payless.

Ok, now I have my entire employment history done. Back to work with me.