August 20th, 2003


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Damn, I haven't been on Friendster in a long time. Whew.

In other news, I have finished my first non-theatre resume. I had lots of help and I thank you all very much. I really appreciate the help. Well, there are still those two words that spill over onto another page but ChaosStream will try to fix that for me in the morning.

Tomorrow I will also work on creating a template that has all my previous employment history, school information and other stuff. That way I can just create a resume from that whenever I need it.

Azzy, I am sorry that I did not call you tonight. I did get help with my objective and my schedule for today ended up changing completely. I would still like some pointers though, I'll try giving you a call tomorrow.

I think I may make a list of resume hints to keep on the disk with my resume template. I got a lot of good advice today and I'd really like to be able to remember it.

Now, I need to be heading to bed.

Um, wow, I think mine has more communities entered than people.

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