August 21st, 2003


Some randomness.

A very happy birthday to Sara of S&J fame. She will probably not read this since I do not think I have even told her of Live Journal yet. I do wish that I could have gone to her birthday party. Perhaps next year. I had thought that she was older than me but she has only turned 23. I have a feeling this was discussed when I met her but I forgot about it. Many of you have met her, many of you will in the future. She and J are wonderful people that I am so happy to have met. Tink and M, you two would love her. I realized what time it is, Sara's b-day was yesterday now.

There is new carpet in the PB place. This new carpet is glorious and wonderous. After walking around all day in shoes that seemed to enjoy rubbing on blisters-in-training . . . well, to take them off to wander on this carpet for the first time . . . bliss! wonderment! joy! I want to roll my tits off now because the carpet will feel so wonderful. So soft . . .

I am reading a book right now called Sex Work: Writings by Women in the Sex Industry. It is a bit dated (it came out in the 80's) and it does tend to have a major focus on prostitution but it is a really interesting book. Many styles of writing, many different stories and such. It's made me think. It's a really interesting book and it's hard to put down. I*'ll leave it at that for now.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the end credits to FLCL? It is really wonderful. The song is catchy and there is animation and live action and a dancing Vespa! If I knew the words I would be joyfully singing the song now. Must learn Japanese.

Thanks Laruu on the resume advice. Thanks Azzy for help on the objective.

Thanks Foxy for, well, ya know. ~grins~

I think I'll end this entry now. I had forgotten about the fact that once opening the bottle of pre-mixed Mimosa, it couldn't really be closed again. Drink it or trash it. Thrifty individual that I am . . . I did have help though.

Oh! My interview! I think it went pretty lousy. I got super lost on my way there, partly because I was a dumbass and listened to the guy on the phone without double checking Mapquest. Ok, that was actually the whole reason I got lost. I didn't complete the application before being called in to interview and I kept stumbling over my words. Oh, and I really do not think I am at all qualified for this. I was told to call back on friday when they had the list of who they wanted to meet with again. Oh, and I did bond with the guy a bit over Wars and Ren Faire type things. Anyway, we'll see. Oh! I also usually think I didn't do better than average on my interviews. There have been a few exceptions.

Alright, before I start doing serious babbling, I think I will get going. Night all!
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ChaosStream is being played by Pacey in the livejournal sitcoms!!!!!!

I think my favorite one of these so far is ThreeEdgedSword's. RealityKnight played by Desi Arnaz! Azzy played by Omar Epps! Khayman played by Quentin Tarrantino! I am Emma Thompson in this one which is better than Calista Flockheart.

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Crystal called me back!!!! I did not realize just how much I missed that girl. Must see her soon.

I do need to get ahold of Shawna's folks somehow. Seems that all is not going well there.