August 27th, 2003


(no subject)

I was tired. I really was. I was all ready to drift off to sleep when I had a brief thought of general worry about my mom. Now I am quite awake. There was some worry in there about my sister and her getting screwed out of financial aid but it was mostly about my mom. What she will do. What she will do about money. What she will do when my grandma is gone. Worries about her being lonely. I know there really isn't much I can do but I still worry. I also had a bit of missing my kitty. Well, all the kitties.

~sigh~ I really don't want to be awake right now. I hate that, when out of the blue you start thinking about something that you think about occasionally and then it just consumes you for awhile.

I need to go occupy my brain until I can crash out again.

Well . . .

. . . today ended quite nicely overall. That is good. More later. I think my last two nights of really shitty sleep has caught up to me. And today was a pretty long day.

Some tv now. Then sleep. Sleep will be good.