September 24th, 2003


Well this isn't a good start to my morning.

I did not get the job that I interviewed for on Saturday. It was as an office manager for the San Diego branch of a kid's party company. Super flexible hours and fun for an office type job. The pay wasn't really what I was looking for but it would have worked. I really wanted that job. I'm more disappointed than I expected to be. I knew that I was one out of the three that they were considering offering the job to and that I probably wasn't at the top of the list. I guess I was really hoping the first pick would decide not to take it. ~smiles~ Yeah, I'm really disappointed. More than I should be. I'll get over it quickly though.

I am also not going to Vegas today. But I am still going to get paid for going to Vegas so I guess this isn't too bad. Yeah, I am still getting paid so I really shouldn't complain.

I have some catching up that I need to do here but first I am going to do some job hunting. Hope you all are having a good day.

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Anyone got any advice on looking into Temp agencies in San Diego? Know of some good ones, ones that suck, any other advice? I would greatly appreciate it.