October 9th, 2003


Goddammit, I said I could be sick yesterday, not today.

I feel like ass. Not as bad as when I first woke up but still, ass. Throat is scratchy, head hurts, ChaosStream wondered if I may have had a fever before he went to work. What the hell is this?! I had pink eye over the weekend (or maybe it wasn't, jury is out on that one). I am supposed to be sick when I get pink eye, not a few days after. Damn. No, I haven't eaten at Pat&Oscar's lately.

The Adecco interview has been rescheduled for Monday. Still going to go work my first day at Frightmare. I wasn't planning on doing much taling with my role tonight anyway. And it is only open for 4 hours tonight so that will be good.

Silencebreaking, could you email me the address for your office? I'm having some serious difficulty looking it up. I'm trying to make sure it's on the bus route.

Now I think I'm going to make a few phone calls and go back to bed. ChaosStream has gone off to get me soup and pain killers. He rules.

Update: He brought me a chocolate bar too!!! I have the greatest boyfriend ever!!!!