Christiann (christiann) wrote,

Ok, i am so freakin' jealous of those of you who went to Coachella. I must live vicariously through your stories and posts sooo . . .

You who went and have not posted, post now!!!!! Tell me stories!!!!! Now! Now! Nownownownownow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, did none of you see the Beasties?!!!!! I must live vicariously through someone who saw the Beasties!!!!!! Damn!!!!!! Oh. wait. You did. Never mind. Still, more about the Beasties! More! More!!!!!!!!!!

My honey brought me a lovely Coachella shirt. On it I read even more bands that I had forgotten were there. Gah!!!!!!! There is no way they can have a better line-up, ever. I still must go next year. Must! Must! Must!!!!!

And I am intrigued by these Fischerspooner people. And these Mutaytor folks. Must see . . .

Already intrigued by Blue Man Group. Was very much looking forward to seeing them. Another time . . .

I think that sometime in the near future, when I decide to work on expanding my musical horizons, I will use the list of performers from this year's Coachella as a jumping off point. The ones that I have not heard before or am not sure I've heard before. I think that would be good. Yes.

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