Christiann (christiann) wrote,

Fucking Scott Baio . . .

It appears that I have pink eye. Of all the illnesses for me to be succeptible to why does mine have to be fucking pink eye? People run from you when you have pink eye. Now I don't know if I can work tonight. Damn Damn Damn.

This also meant that I had to reschedule my shoot for today. AGAIN.

And I found out this morning that I am no longer eligible for the dental plan I was under. I then called my mom who called my dad to find out what the hell was going on. My dad told her to tell me to call him if I am having problems with this. So my mom calls me to tell me to call my dad. I call my dad. Talk to him a bit. It's the first time since before I moved out. It was kind of nice but of course my dad did ask me if I was still living at home. Yay awkwardness. Fucking fucked up family shit. Hello rock. Hello hard place. ~cuddles between them~ I fully realize that much of this isn't going to make much sense without background but I don't feel like writing it right now. Another time. I have to call him this afternoon to find out what is going on. I will have to reschedule my dentist appointment. AGAIN.

~brief pause for about 20 minutes~

Ok, and now I had a great conversation with my mother. I knew I shouldn't have brought up the dad thing (well the me talking to him sometimes part, the rest was why I needed to call her). I knew that it would go about the same way it did. I hate being right sometimes. Well, thanks for telling me to do whatever I think is right "because I'll do it anyway" and including the implication that there is only one right thing to do and anything else would be a betrayal to her. ~is now quite firmly nestled between the rock and the hard place with no hope of getting out~

I have been awake for about an hour and a half now (It's about 11 right now). That is, if you don't include my getting up at 7 to try to call the dentist which of course wasn't open, and waking up again at 8 to call them again and let my mom know what's going on.

I am feeling rather crabby. Fuck this day.

And fuck you, Scott Baio.

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