Christiann (christiann) wrote,

Ok, so all worries have been laid to rest. And a talking-to was given. Lordy, lordy, that made me sound like someone's old aunt Hilda. Or something.

Not working tonight. Surprise surprise. I can't come in until my eye is totally healed. Germs spread too quickly with the close quarters, lack of ventilation, hands-on-ness. I kind of figured. I am on the schedule for Thursday though. And hopefully all next weekend.

Just watched Real Women Have Curves. I didn't know it was originally based on a play. That makes the way the plot is set up make a little more sense. I mean, ah. Gah. I can't explain. I just makes sense that it was a play. The movie is pretty good. It makes you smile. The protagonist, Ana, is a really great character. You don't see too many teenage female protagonists like her right now. And I don't just say that because she is Hispanic and not a size two. It's way beyond that. Anyway, watch the movie. It's good. Pretty short too. I think . . . well . . . it made me feel good to be me and a woman. It also reminded me of Yazmin, a girl I went to elementary school with. I don't know why, it wasn't anything in particular. Perhaps it was partly because I ran into her last week. Anyway, it is a movie worth seeing. I wish that I could think of a better sentence to sum it up, to get it's essence across, but I think that it kind of depends on who is watching it. I feel like this kind of trivializes the whole movie but it was definitely one of the points of it: Ladies, when you are having a fat and ugly day, watch this movie. Just do it.

Ok, I think I'm going to go get my homework done.

What have you done today? What are you doing tonight? I'm thinking Mac n Cheese is going to be the win.

Shit! I forgot to call my mom. Later!
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