Hot shit!

I found a key! There was this mysterious key that had been laying around and I had assumed that I had tested it in the door and knew it wasn't a house key. I thought, for a lark, I'd try it out and double check. Turns out it was one of the missing house keys.

I feel quite dumb.

Now to find out if this rain changes plans for today.

Goddammit, I said I could be sick yesterday, not today.

I feel like ass. Not as bad as when I first woke up but still, ass. Throat is scratchy, head hurts, ChaosStream wondered if I may have had a fever before he went to work. What the hell is this?! I had pink eye over the weekend (or maybe it wasn't, jury is out on that one). I am supposed to be sick when I get pink eye, not a few days after. Damn. No, I haven't eaten at Pat&Oscar's lately.

The Adecco interview has been rescheduled for Monday. Still going to go work my first day at Frightmare. I wasn't planning on doing much taling with my role tonight anyway. And it is only open for 4 hours tonight so that will be good.

Silencebreaking, could you email me the address for your office? I'm having some serious difficulty looking it up. I'm trying to make sure it's on the bus route.

Now I think I'm going to make a few phone calls and go back to bed. ChaosStream has gone off to get me soup and pain killers. He rules.

Update: He brought me a chocolate bar too!!! I have the greatest boyfriend ever!!!!

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So it looks like we have the Govenator ~/Arnold voice~

Yeah, I had to say that. I'm better now.

Checked out the little reggae store near the trolley finally. I had kept meaning to stop in there. It's a pretty neat store. I fell in love. With a pipe. I hope it waits for me. Otherwise I shall write sad love odes to the pretty glass pipe. So lovely . . .

Sooo . . . I am really excited that I will be getting to work Buffyfest after all. I had assumed that I had signed up too late and wouldn't be needed. This does mean that I will have a very hectic weekend. Work Thurs, Fri, and Sat. Plus Buffyfest on Sat. Oh, and maybe the Polish thing for a bit on Sunday with mom and grandma. Now is when Christi figures out what doesn't need to be done before Sunday evening.

Ahhhh . . . I could have sworn I had more to write . . . The new 1602 came out today. Makes me wish I was more of a comic geek, I would have so much more fun trying to figure out who's who or who will be who.Spoilers may be here for 1602 up to issue 3. You have been warned.Collapse ) I'm sure there is a site that will be going through who is who, I'll have to check that out. Also, ChaosStream is a help.

Need to take care of some emails and figure out long my trip to Adecco will take tomorrow.

And of course there is Smallville and Angel on tonight. Yay!

Attention San Diego Buffy fans!!!!!!!

Buffyfest needs some more volunteeers. It is on Saturday. I know this is last minute but if you would be interested leave me a comment so we can get in touch. Their last volunteer meeting is tonight at The Living Room on El Cajon Blvd. If you are not able to make that you can also just talk to the organizer on the phone.

Let me know if you are interested!

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Looks like Joe decided not to stop by. Kind of a bummer, it's always nice to see him. But I think it's probably better that he didn't, I wouldn't have gotten much done otherwise.

You know what's annoying about being sick? You sleep alot, you need the sleep but eventually you hit a point where you just aren't tired. You know that staying up is not going to do good things for you but you also just can't go to sleep. Yeah, well, I think I've hit that point. But at least it's allowing me to get some mind-numbing cleaning out email done. And I've gotten around to emails I've needed to do. Along with commenting on comments that are over two months old. Yeah, that is basically pointless. At least I don't really need to get up for anything tomorrow. And I am getting some stuff done.

By the way, there are some things that I would love to hear a dj spin into their mix. Speeches, lines from movies. One of those things is Martin Luther King Jr.'s I have a dream speech. Well, last night it seems Khayman and Leeshers heard it spun into Timo Maas' set. I am fiercely jealous.

And now a survey JJMann emailed me awhile back. Because surveys often make me sleepy.Collapse )

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Ok, so all worries have been laid to rest. And a talking-to was given. Lordy, lordy, that made me sound like someone's old aunt Hilda. Or something.

Not working tonight. Surprise surprise. I can't come in until my eye is totally healed. Germs spread too quickly with the close quarters, lack of ventilation, hands-on-ness. I kind of figured. I am on the schedule for Thursday though. And hopefully all next weekend.

Just watched Real Women Have Curves. I didn't know it was originally based on a play. That makes the way the plot is set up make a little more sense. I mean, ah. Gah. I can't explain. I just makes sense that it was a play. The movie is pretty good. It makes you smile. The protagonist, Ana, is a really great character. You don't see too many teenage female protagonists like her right now. And I don't just say that because she is Hispanic and not a size two. It's way beyond that. Anyway, watch the movie. It's good. Pretty short too. I think . . . well . . . it made me feel good to be me and a woman. It also reminded me of Yazmin, a girl I went to elementary school with. I don't know why, it wasn't anything in particular. Perhaps it was partly because I ran into her last week. Anyway, it is a movie worth seeing. I wish that I could think of a better sentence to sum it up, to get it's essence across, but I think that it kind of depends on who is watching it. I feel like this kind of trivializes the whole movie but it was definitely one of the points of it: Ladies, when you are having a fat and ugly day, watch this movie. Just do it.

Ok, I think I'm going to go get my homework done.

What have you done today? What are you doing tonight? I'm thinking Mac n Cheese is going to be the win.

Shit! I forgot to call my mom. Later!

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Ok, so I'm kinda worried about B. I know that I probably have no reason to be worried but . . . I'm kinda worried. Because sometimes he can be a real idiot. Well, I know what I am doing next time and there will be no debates.

And for now, I'll leave it at that.

Now I should find out if I am working tonight. Because, of course, no one called me last night.

And then I should find food. Because I am hungry.

Last night was nice. There was Munchkin and DDR and some drinking. And good company (Larru, ChaosStream, Azzy, Foxy, Tink, and B). The sickies and the people who love them. Or had nothing better to do on a Friday night. ~grins~ I am really glad you guys came over, it was much with the goodness.

Hope you Timo Maas folks had fun last night. Tink, I hope you have a safe trip, give Dizzy a hug for me. Hope you sick kids are feeling better. Aaaaaannnnnddd . . . I think that's all for now.