This is from a list I used to belong to.

From June 15, 1999 Defense Science and Technology Organization
Lecture Series, Melbourne, Australia, and staff reports

The reuse of some object-oriented code has caused tactical headaches
for Australia's armed forces. As virtual reality simulators assume
larger roles in helicopter combat training, programmers have gone to
great lengths to increase the realism of their scenarios, including
detailed landscapes and, in the case of the Northern Territory's
Operation Phoenix, herds of kangaroos (since disturbed animals might
well give away a helicopter's position).

The head of the Defense Science & Technology Organization's Land
Operations/Simulation division reportedly instructed developers to
model the local marsupials' movements and reactions to helicopters.

Being efficient programmers, they just re-appropriated some code
originally used to model infantry detachment reactions under the same
stimuli, changed the mapped icon from a soldier to a kangaroo, and
increased the figures' speed of movement.

Eager to demonstrate their flying skills for some visiting American
pilots, the hotshot Aussies "buzzed" the virtual kangaroos in low
flight during a simulation. The kangaroos scattered, as predicted,
and the visiting Americans nodded appreciatively... then did a double-
take as the kangaroos reappeared from behind a hill and launched a
barrage of Stinger missiles at the hapless helicopter. (Apparently the
programmers had forgotten to remove that part of the infantry coding.)

The lesson? Objects are defined with certain attributes, and any new
object defined in terms of an old one inherits all the attributes.
The embarrassed programmers had learned to be careful when reusing
object-oriented code, and the Yanks left with a newfound respect for
Australian wildlife. Simulator supervisors report that pilots from
that point onward have strictly avoided kangaroos, just as they were
meant to.

Kangaroos with missiles!!!!! That in particular just really amused me this morning/afternoon.

Well, it's official . . .

. . . I don't get to be an evil nurse tonight. As I had suspected, there is really no way to work around pink eye. Especially if I just got it. Christi is sad. however, Christi will proabably get to work tomorrow night as the inmate. She asked if wearing an eye patch would be possible and the guy I talked to said it would probably work. On my to-do list tomorrow: get an eyepatch.

Plus it is probably good that I rest tonight.

My sister called to see if I wanted to get lunch so that was nice. I'd already eaten but I went along for the ride. Apparently Rudy has been mentioning her moving in again so that is now an option again. I told her to let me know what she is doing by the end of this month so that I have a little notice as to whether or not I am moving in with her.

I talked to my dad a little while ago about what he found out about the dental stuff. Basically, I need to get my own plan since I'm 24. We talked about some other stuff like what I am doing in school and what I have been up to. My dad mentioned that maybe when he gives me the paperwork for the dental stuff we could meet up and get coffee. He also invited me and ChaosStream to see a movie on base with him sometime. He also wants to come see me at Frightmare. He also apologized for not being at the pageant and my high school graduation. He hadn't known until after the fact. I knew that already but it was still nice to hear. He told me that he would really like to be at my college graduation and that he would stay at the back so as not to create drama. You know, with the other half of my family. He also said that it was nice that I still considered him family. (I had mentioned something about him letting me know when he wants to go to Frightmare so I can get him in since he is a family member.) He also said that he doesn't want to talk about my mom with me, he doesn't think it is right. I told him that I really appreciated that. (I had alluded to the fact that my mother and I had our difficulties.)

So . . . it looks like I will probably be hanging out with my dad sometime in the next few weeks. I don't know what I am going to do about the living situation stuff. I suppose I will hope that it doesn't come up for now. I don't know. I don't like that option but I just don't know what else to do right now.

Talking to him brought a mix of emotions. I don't know if I can really discuss them here right now. One thing I can say . . . I've missed him.

I so wish I could see my therapist this week, I could use some time to talk this stuff out. I actually wish I could talk a bit with someone on my mom's side of the family that could be kind of objective about this and has some knowledge of the situation, maybe think of another way to handle this that I haven't thought of yet, but . . . I don't know.

I don't know if I'll even be able to tell my mom about this for now.

I hate this. Fuck you, Rock. Fuck you, Hard Place.

Anyway, I should end this, my eye is starting to get fuzzy.

Fucking Scott Baio . . .

It appears that I have pink eye. Of all the illnesses for me to be succeptible to why does mine have to be fucking pink eye? People run from you when you have pink eye. Now I don't know if I can work tonight. Damn Damn Damn.

This also meant that I had to reschedule my shoot for today. AGAIN.

And I found out this morning that I am no longer eligible for the dental plan I was under. I then called my mom who called my dad to find out what the hell was going on. My dad told her to tell me to call him if I am having problems with this. So my mom calls me to tell me to call my dad. I call my dad. Talk to him a bit. It's the first time since before I moved out. It was kind of nice but of course my dad did ask me if I was still living at home. Yay awkwardness. Fucking fucked up family shit. Hello rock. Hello hard place. ~cuddles between them~ I fully realize that much of this isn't going to make much sense without background but I don't feel like writing it right now. Another time. I have to call him this afternoon to find out what is going on. I will have to reschedule my dentist appointment. AGAIN.

~brief pause for about 20 minutes~

Ok, and now I had a great conversation with my mother. I knew I shouldn't have brought up the dad thing (well the me talking to him sometimes part, the rest was why I needed to call her). I knew that it would go about the same way it did. I hate being right sometimes. Well, thanks for telling me to do whatever I think is right "because I'll do it anyway" and including the implication that there is only one right thing to do and anything else would be a betrayal to her. ~is now quite firmly nestled between the rock and the hard place with no hope of getting out~

I have been awake for about an hour and a half now (It's about 11 right now). That is, if you don't include my getting up at 7 to try to call the dentist which of course wasn't open, and waking up again at 8 to call them again and let my mom know what's going on.

I am feeling rather crabby. Fuck this day.

And fuck you, Scott Baio.

Ladies and Germs in San Diego . . .

I have mentioned this to most of you already but I thought I would post this as a reminder.

I have to be Nurse Ratched tomorrow. I have no familiarity with this Nurse Ratched. None. Zero. Zip. I must watch One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest for research purposes. And because I've heard it's a damn fine movie and I've been wanting to see it for ages.

Some folks expressed an interest in viewing this movie with me. If you are one of these people come to the PB place tonight. Try to be here by 7. I know Azzy and Foxy will be here. If you are interested and you are not one of these people reply here/give me a call/email/send a message in a bottle and I'll make sure to wait for you before starting the movie.

Straightjackets are optional. ~grins~ Happy Thursday.

Two more thank yous.

Thank you to Tink for the little red and white packages. ~grins~

Thanks to everyone for the messages/hugs/support that you have given me after the death of Shawna. It means a lot to me.

The past two days and randomness. In no particular order.

Ok, so I've been going through my inbox and replying to comments left in my journal. Some are quite late. I really need to try to be a little better about that. After awhile it's just kind of pointless.

I still have a ton of interview questions that I never did. I still will get to them. I swear.

Last week I was in a Halloween store with Cloud929. A few months before I had thought of a few fantastic costume ideas. When I was in the costume store I realized I had completely forgotten what they were. I remembered two of them today but there was another that I think was even better that I still can't remember. Hopefully I did write them down somewhere at the time.

Speaking of Cloud929, thank you for the ideas for my nurse thing. It was a big help.

On a related note anyone got any ideas of bits for an asylum inmate? Yep, I'm in the asylum all this weekend.

ThreeEdgedSword, I finished the first Elfquest book. Finally. ~grins~ My three favorite stories are Plague of Allos, Tanner's Dream, and The Spirit Quest. They made me get all misty.

While I am here I suppose I should at least catch up on the past two days. Not that they have been super exciting but they have been nice. Yesterday I was occupied with keeping an eye on the cat all afternoon. At various points that cat decided it was a good idea to jump to the ground from the balcony, injuring it's paw (I think it was injured before but it was definitely injured after), then decides to nap on the ledge outside of ChaosStream's room above the living room. I don't know how the cat managed to get there. I got to relax a little later on when the cat decided to go to sleep on one of the dining room chairs. There was also much petting of the kitty and the kitty flopping onto it's back and purring some. Oh, and ChaosStream dubbed it Death Machine.

After the neighbor got home Death Machine was passed on to her. We took some pictures for posters but I think the neighbor will be keeping her if she doesn't find the owner. She took a look at the cat and found out it was declawed. Definitely NOT a cat that should have been wandering around outdoors. I was really glad that I didn't let her wander off. Death Machine could have gotten in a whole lot of trouble.

Experienced the new DDR game with Khayman. Khayman rocks on the DDR. I do not so much. Fun was had. And exercise.

I got caught up in Memento while I was waiting for ChaosStream to come home from working. Wow. WOW. That is all I can say about the movie. Dude. DUDE.

Slept in this morning, did lunch with ChaosStream. Did some errands in PB this afternoon. Got invited to see a ska band play in OB. Turned in my application to work at the Spirit costume store in PB, probably got the job. Ran into GreenTrainer at his work. Came across a new little shop that sells lingerie for UNDER 10 DOLLARS! There is not a huge selection but they have lots of 34Ds. Do you know how hard it is to find a 34D bra for a decent price? The salesgirl said they usually carry a lot of that size and 36Ds. There seemed to be a pretty good size selection up to Ds in general. Christi hopes this store stays around for quite some time. It's called Lingerie for Lace. Yes, I did giggle at the sign.

Came home, did stuff around the house, continued what I didn't get done yesterday. Saw ChaosStream off to work, hung out with Laruu and Foxy. Watched the season premieres of Smallville and Angel. It's going to be a good season for them both I think. Tink came by which was nice.

And now I am hanging out on the computer cleaning up mailboxes and such. I think ChaosStream has gone to bed. I'm going to go check now.

I think I had some other stuff to write but it can wait.

Ummmm . . .

The PB house has a cat for the day. It wandered inside when I opened the door. I think it belongs to the neighbor but I'm not sure. She's a big pretty black and white kitty with a cute little black nose.

Happy Christi

I have lunch meat ham and M&Ms and soda and I just got my breadsticks from Papa John's. And I am listening to Lisa Marie's album which is pretty good. Me like.
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Home now.

So, so, tired. Need. More. Caffeine.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen! This day is being brought to you by caffeine, that good and wonderful substance that has kept Christi functioning today.

Food in Christi's belly would be a good idea too. Fooooood . . .